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you did not upset me, I really appreciate you reaching out before committing to the project. I hope you are able to find ample inspiration for your work in maybe mine and other's games in the future and continue working on what you enjoy! best of luck!

Hi! I'm very flattered you would consider making a fan comic of my little game! however, i will have to decline if the genders and sexes of the characters cannot be maintained. the point of this game was to celebrate women loving women and these characters were very important to me when i was younger. if they were to be adapted and change the fact that these characters are all LGBTQ+ women, it would change the intent of the original game. i am very appreciative that you would reach out and ask this, but i am sorry i will have to decline your request.

Hi there! Sorry to say, no, this game has only English and Chinese language options.

hi! this game was made on a now years old version of the mac os, which probably would explain the compatibility issues, for which I apologize for. i still might have the game files around somewhere to try to update it to work on newer operating systems, but i'm afraid i can't guarantee much since this is now a 5 year old game that i haven't looked at in the same amount of time. if i do manage to get it updated, i can let you know!

This makes me incredibly happy and this drawing is super great!!! thank you so much!!!!

Getting to those areas require getting some boots that allow you to walk in water, to get them, you gotta trade around some stuff with a person you can find in the mountain area.

I'm really glad you're enjoying it and I hope you can complete it!

Thank you! I hope you can get it!!

Hello! There are two downloads for mac, there is a build labeled "Haunted Corny Maize MAC" which is in English and "Haunted Corny Maize CN" which is in Chinese. 

No problem! It was my mistake in the first place anyway, I hope you enjoy the game!

Oh I'm really sorry that's my fault, I haven't noticed until now but i mislabeled the Chinese Mac version as a linux build when it actually wasn't. I'm really sorry! At the time I saw this comment, I didn't have a linux build out, but now there is one! I personally cannot test how well this build will work as I only have a windows pc and a mac on hand, but I hope this build works for you!

Hello! I'm remy and i just put out a bitsy game called Dust. It's about a feeling I got playing the original legend of zelda for the first time after I had just finished Majora's Mask. Going from that game to the original loz gave me a lot of feelings and I've been trying to figure out how to articulate it since. It's a short experience with three different endings that you can get. I hope you will enjoy it!

Play Dust here!

I tried a few things but since I can't get the error, I don't know if it's fixed, but I uploaded a new mac build with my fixes so hopefully that solves the issue!

Ok that's really weird but that's something I can still try to solve. Thank you for bringing this to my attention I will try to fix it very soon!

sorry im having trouble figuring out why these errors are occurring. Are you doing anything specific before trying to save or do you get these even if you try to save immediately upon getting into the game?

ok i've had some issues with the saving with mac in the past. can you show me what error you're getting?

Are you using the mac version or the windows version?

On that scene you're not supposed to be able to move backward, it purposely blocks you after the "scare" in that room, you have to keep moving left. Or at least I think that's what you were having an issue with?

it is based off a true story! it only felt right to make a game about games that made me realize i have this severe paranoia.

thanks! the only way you can really move is down at the end so i just had a few duplicate maps and exits set right below the player

I love the abstraction of shape and color throughout this!