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HOLY SHIT  that was good really cant fucken wait  for more

ohhhh that was so fucken good cant wait for more, 

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some girls like it small tho :v

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maybe a spin off game or something would be cool. like mc gets his hands on what ever time machine  Rea used to pull him from the past but it fuckes up and takes him to a alt future where girls  dont exist and he mc becomes a slave to the guyRea. or maybe  somehting that makes mc a girl for lesbie stuff

TwT.  ( love this btw cant wait for more, great job)

WHY DID SHE EAT KRONK?!!! ( I named the frog kronk) 



love this cant wait for more

 i like it but the   plz change flash light to not take energy  or we will be blind most of the game

lmao so good. i watched ya vid first and was like " ill give it a go" then was like " awww shit this isa actrully kinda scary" basically nice work thx


why was the cat the only pussy censored in the whole game? lmfao

you can avoid getting into a relationship with her. 

cool... so will there be new polarity too? 

only just got to chap 16 but im in fucking love so far. thank you dev  cant wait  to finish this and move onto something else ya mad

just thought you should know.  and np Just prefer to use itch app for easy management. 

cant play threw itch app on pc. idk why. it just wont run

The vocabulary was a bit weird ( like the "uhhh"s  and stuff,  change of names was also weird ( like how the would be calling Christina  tina  out of nowhere . there's better examples but im drawing a blank rn.  The scenes transitions caught me off guard  but i grew to expect it, the faces some of the characters made kind of threw me off in the sex scenes because they looked  as if noting was happening then would switch to a face of enjoyment was weird.  still really enjoyed it tho

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 i like it  .kinda hard to understand sometimes but its good and this was my first time playing and it sucked 6 hours out of me before i knew it. Polish that diction and id like it alot more

im not super deep into  my playthrew but i love all this. the plot, the world building, the characters , the sex!! this is gold so far thx dev


plz just spoile this one thing Just this one!!! Dose this end in a polly type of thing or do i really have to pick one?

this game made me feel like i was having a stroke but i enjoyed it lol

pc version

cant get this game to run threw itchio app for  pc. can download it, but it wont run at all

love the art and where the story was going but i hated how we dont have a choice in alot of the time

no events where missed. i found out that i just had to go home insted of doing anything to get it to work...took a while to find tho

so i missed rin's event "Love Life, Let Go but the wiki says you cant miss it is this a bug or is the wiki wrong?

i swear id nuke that town for Aiko ina heart beat. i never tire of seeing her...amd roxy

man i love this game but im stuck on day 496 with all the main girls on or over 50. working on getting the side girls to 50 now? am i missing a very important event or something? cus no new events are happening is the end of the current update? i read the wiki and it says theres more that i know i haven't unlocked yet soo...

loving how this is going also i think the change from 3d characters was a good one. Maybe even fully make the game in the same style? wish there were game pad controls .  but over all its looking really good alittle work here and there and i believe it would be hella fun

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cant find my saves after the update

love how you stay on top of these updates. thank you

 are you oki? i hope so, just wanted to say thanks for what ya do. 

no but i fixed it, i restarted the whole game and once i got back to that part it pulled the box

 from which side?  ive really been trying. i try from right and pull that way and i try from above after going around the table. i get the sound affect but nothing happens. 

i cant get off the boat when it starts getting attacked, i cant move the boxes

 this... was so good. the story, the charaters, the plot. so good. im not even into being dominated but i still enjoyed it a lil  here

i see that image change, got in trouble for her being a starwars race looking race?