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loving how this is going also i think the change from 3d characters was a good one. Maybe even fully make the game in the same style? wish there were game pad controls .  but over all its looking really good alittle work here and there and i believe it would be hella fun

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cant find my saves after the update

love how you stay on top of these updates. thank you

 are you oki? i hope so, just wanted to say thanks for what ya do. 

no but i fixed it, i restarted the whole game and once i got back to that part it pulled the box

 from which side?  ive really been trying. i try from right and pull that way and i try from above after going around the table. i get the sound affect but nothing happens. 

i cant get off the boat when it starts getting attacked, i cant move the boxes

 this... was so good. the story, the charaters, the plot. so good. im not even into being dominated but i still enjoyed it a lil  here

i see that image change, got in trouble for her being a starwars race looking race?

yeaa  i ma try straight from the site. i its an eazy manage of the files threw the app. im lazy

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cant play , i play threw itch app for windows and when i press launch it just opens a window and ask for a extract location, when i select a folder it downloads and then closes right a way  i go to the file and it wont run the application. shame too it really pulled me in with the 50+ hours of gameplay

i did and so far i like it alot, i use  the app cause its easier to manage stuff tho. just a prefrence

cant be downloaded threw itch app for windows dont know why

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oh shiiiiit i cant wait. thats realy cool, most of the similar games on here are.. pretty much for the LGBTQ  or at least thats all you see at first glance. not that its a big problem ..just wanna have the option 

that was so good, cant wait to see where it goes, i just wish furry story games would include 1 or 2 girls for straight players,  

i cant get the game to work, i keep reinstalling it but it dosnt help

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yeaaa only when i play with game pad, i get this textbox??? The top left half of the screen is covered with text and numbers and stuff.  it totally kills the experience  fix please?. other than that i love it so far keep up good work

thats was good.

 thx for woeking hard on it.  also :v maybe we can use game pad???

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 really wann aplay but the contro;s half way work, like... i can run jump and crouch but cant hit anything even when i was close enought to kiss it. after opening and reloading the game littarly 8 times i got it to work well enough to play. it was fun... till i couldnt hit the enemys when  i saw them. i also couldnt build anything other than  a traps, beds and torches.  the game shows yhsy it would be super cool.. once it sctrully works. id psy for it if it did csnt wait to see what you make of it

unless my game is fucked or theres nothing teaching me how to play. other than that  and the few errors i love it. the style, the combat (once i figured out how) the XXX , the charaters!!  its so good , cant wait for more. also i couldnt make saves on my own , an save that the player can make would be great.

game runs great, looks awsome,  sound track is fire, over all it good . but! 1, why do all the girls look the same 2. i got hella confused by the drinking night/her reaching for my no no square because i didnt come back into the livin room that  first night. and it threw me off when we started talkng and making out that morning. other than that, great game cant wait to see what other stuff you make

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nice game hate how you force us to be with millie ....i didnt want this

yall remeber that episode of Phineas and ferb when they were trying to get the band backtogether and they guy sung about having no rythum.....that me i cant play this lol looks great tho

still cant update game  threw itch app on windows pc, and cant download it from website without creating and using that cloud data thing. ( dont wanna)

itch app  for windows isnt downloading update just aking me to webpage

are yu gonna put update on itch app??

update isnt letting me update , says its from third party website. plz fix

i updated game threw  itch app but isnt  showing up date while in game. halp

yea , im playing threw itch app also but havent seen anything about updating the game. idk its just not working or something  and i rather not loose all my progress but will if need be . 

would play but can download threw itch app for windows.   and i preff it thew app, cleaner, orgnized, eazy to download and delete. so gonna pass sadly

at first i was like " great a nother shitty porn gamr " but damn that was good. came for the brunetts stayed fr the story. cant wait till its done.

cant download threw itch app on windows, 3th part web error,  i would play but its hella lot eazier and cleaner on the app pls fix if possible

playing threw itch app, cant download at all

 button is unclicable and i get red alien dialect

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so freaking good.  love it . Finally finished it for good. Amy's rout was so damn good.   But i really wanna  alice rout maybe without all the gang or mob bs  maybe something to do with her real parents . Either way please add more for alice shes such a cutie i want route! 

great game waiting for more!but omg that one sceen with the beer guy, it was terrible!  greatly written but terrible! lolz good job

np, i look forward to to playing more from you....if you keep making ganes

this is cute really cute, i likes