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I love this so much! I love how fun and charming it is, it reminds me of the old stickman games back in the day. Simply amazing, thank you so much for this!


Loved this game!, you did a great job with the graphics and charming lines, aswell as portraying the protagonist's personality in such a short time so well lol. 

No problem!

It looks amazing! 

oh my god this.... is so awesome my gosh

I love Mint's and Magnolia's dynamic!! this game is so cute and so morally dubious which is my beloved!!! ty and all the other creators so much for this!!!

flushed them down the torlet

great game, wish the idea and world was expanded more though, still, nice!

and mmmm lesbians

why whon't he twink...

the game ever

i forgot you're starting your evil era... 😭

please don't you're going to break my emotional stability if you do 

i'm not lying when i say that this almost makes me cry, this is beatiful

terrible joke aside, i love this game! i really really like the format of the game, the story and story-telling, this is a great work!

"It must just be the low light, the water and tiredness, but you swear you can see the tunnel walls pulsating.

The splash never comes."

my face when they found the core of earth 

I really liked this! It's short and fun, thank you for this.

No problem! 

Adorable game! I also love the charming replies of the twins and the history.

really good!

I trully love this man! its been like forever since I got so scared like I originally was with Yume Nikki.

You truly gived the atmosphere and this is DAMN GREAT.