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Cute, it's a so cuuute story :)

The end maked me feels happy

Make sense

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Kirill, why Android Version is 355KB and the Windows Version is 100MB?

In my case, on Android, besides being more practical, it's more private, not to mention that not everyone can buy a PC or a Notebook (which is my case)

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Pleeeeaaase, i want to play on android :'(

Bro, i've played on PC and... wonderful, i really loved it, anyways... i want a Android Version XD

I've tried to do this, but it doesn't work.

Looking for a Mobile Version?


Sorry, but i want urgently a Mobile Version, but... I understand that you have no plans for create this


Thinking of making a mobile version?

it's a good game

Okay, I’m looking forward to the next Updates

I was looking for something more or less like this for Mobile, when I ran the apk it was working very well, however when it came to creating scenes and importing images ... it either had lag or crashed

It was exactly what I was looking for, not really, but it was more or less like this

honestly I played and ... man, I loved it, this game touched my psychological in a surprising way, congratulations on making this masterpiece!

Rodinka is not a good girl always

Well, I want a new update!

Have my support

This has a lot of future and you have my support I will translate it too, because ... Brazilian deserves to play it in Portuguese

This will be one of the few games that I will translate, a Brazilian audience that doesn't know English needs to play this masterpiece

Well, I love the freedom that this game gives the player and that's what I want to talk about when the player tries to leave the house with the naked protagonist she talks about being raped If the game gave you the freedom to go out with the protagonist naked and increase the risks of the streets, it would bring more concerns to the player, but it would be very interesting

Waiting for update, Seriously, this game is very good, I'm not commenting on games, especially on, but seriously ... Very good game, with potential