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I am very poor and was hoping I could get a chance to try out the tune sequencer without having to buy the game, but the only thing available is a palette file and the install instructions don't seem to make sense. Is this a defunct page and now I can only get my hands on it through buying the game or is this some weird ARG joint I didn't pick up on

No problem! I really hope the game gets the attention it deserves with so many people acquiring it through the bundle. I'm not too social media savvy but I was wondering if this game had one of those "communities" I've seen on this site or if there's anywhere else fans tend to gather like a discord server or maybe a subreddit where I could find other players or share what I've written.

Just downloaded this from the charity bundle! Haven't gotten a chance to play it but it looks amazing! It's definitely the kind of tabletop rpg I wish I could write and I'm already finding myself writing homebrew/house rules I might use in a future campaign. I'm especially amazed how you were able to emulate the mechanics of a cover shooter and games that fit into the genre of the game's namesake while still staying rules-lite.