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Me too. O.O
We'd like to have the restriction link, if there really is one. If not, please update the game jam description. :) 

Hooray!!!! Thanks, GrassWhooper! <3 This is an awesome set of builds!

Thank you for the free assets! They're all awesome! <3 More power to you! :)

Renatus - A werewolf manga/comic

Renatus Title Banner

Thank you so very much for playing and for the feedback! <3

OwO Thank you so much! <3 Aaahhhh!

Thank you so much for playing our demo and also for the feedback! :)
It's great to hear that you had fun playing it, that's the most important part to us.
We will do our best on our next release (should it push through) and we will try to enhance the game as best as we could with the help of your pointers.

Thanks again and have a lovely day~

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It looks dope! (y) Congrats on your release~

I actually submitted my game before reading the text below. Lol, I can't revoke my entry though. If you get this, remove "Escape the Fate" :)

Btw, your game looks amazing. Those graphics and its mechanics are stunning.

Hello, hello~ *waves*
Um.. check out the free 3D indie horror game that my team and I just released a few days ago. ^_^ It's over here:

Hello, LilacRoses~ :) Ren here, I'm a girl gamer and aspiring indie developer too. //just released a game created by my team.

^_^ Oh! You have a game~ but I can't try it. I'm on a Mac. If you happen to have a Mac version of it available for download, just ping me~ I love supporting fellow devs. 
Have a nice day~

Oh, my gosh! Hello there~ My team and I just released our indie 3D horror game demo for free here on Please try it out ^_^ Uguuuu, we hope you enjoy our little work when you do. Here's the link:

Some videos of it:

Daaaaaang! This game rocks! The music, the graphics and the overall feel of it. And you made it on Unity3D! Hello there, fellow Unity3D developer! *high fives you*

I enjoyed the game. I played for a few times and didn't get far on my first few tries. I was following your instructions (V to shoot) and I couldn't time my shooting right so I died almost immediately. I didn't know that the mouse click is another button for shoot. But when I discovered it, ohoho! The game was on!

This is a 5-star indie game for me. I hope more people will discover your work. How many weeks did you develop this bad boy? 

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Oh, wow! The graphics look awesome! Imma try your game out.
If you have time, care to try out my game too?

Hello, tesselode~! Pleased to meet you. :)
I'm Ren and I'm a Software Engineer by profession (an Android apps developer, specifically) but at heart, I'm a gamer and an aspiring indie game developer. I've been working on and off on a small horror game project with some friends; we dubbed it and we applied some graphics quality enhancements on our released demo. Basically, we've all just formed the team for fun (some of us took it seriously though with the dubbing, coding and graphics revamps). Anyway, our team is always on the lookout for more members for future projects.
I do the coding and game designing in Unity3D game engine, by the way.
I also happen to have a personal 2D game project (it's a mix of Visual Novel-style like Fire Emblem and the hit board game "Betrayal at House on the Hill") but I paused the development for a while to work on some manga entries for 2 contests that I'm joining.
Anyway, here's the horror game we just released that I was talking about:

Oh, my! You're an angel! Thanks for doing this. We're all grateful~ 

My team and I just released our game a few days ago. It's called "Escape the Fate" and it's a free indie 3D horror game. The demo is up over here:
And here are some trailer/promo videos:

We hope you enjoy our game~
Have a lovely day~!

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I'd love to download and try out your game but I can't play VR games, I don't have the device for it. :(
Don't get discouraged though. Just do more advertising. I just released a free game myself and yeah, the stats aren't that great but let's not lose hope. ^_^ Never stop self-promoting. Also, never stop interacting with fellow developers.

Hi, I couldn't try out your game. I am on a Mac OS X and when I tried opening the .app file, it says "You can’t open the application “DEMO The Moon Fields” because it may be damaged or incomplete."

I tried redownloading a couple more times but it results in the same thing. O.O

Imma try out your game too :) I'll get back to you soon~

Oh, wheeee! Thank you very much. ^_^ You're awesome!

Have a great time and ei, Happy Halloween. 

Gosh, yes! Akame ga Kill anime was great. Loved the bittersweet ending. The manga is waaay bettet. Can't wait for you to rad and finish it. You won't regret it. :)

Awww! Thank you so much. Did you play our game? We hope you enjoy/ed it. :)

Wishing you a wonderful day. 

I played the web version and it was fun. :) I liked the concept of the game. It's simple and catchy for casual gamers like me.

I would like to suggest some things though. 

  • On the Main Menu Scene, you could add some sound effects (like a "tick" SFX) when a button was clicked by the player so as to add some more life into the scene. Sound Effects add to the user experience. 
  • During my playthrough, I encountered some coins and stones but for some reason, when I approached them, they disappeared. Were they designed this way, or? Anyway, you could add some SFX and some particle effects when they instantly vanish to signal to the player that they're kinda magical items and that it's their design to pop off at some point.
  • Nice terrain. You can improve the environment a bit more with some more assets. Maybe try this free asset pack my friend offers?!/content/89939 It's fully free, don't worry. Plus, it's high quality.
  • You can add a BGM (background music) in-game too and maybe transition it from time to time when the player goes from normal to panic situations. It can really put some drama and feel on your game.

You can find free SFX and BGMs on and, by the way. I search those sites for great audio pieces myself and use their stuff on my own project.

Overall, the game has a lot of potential. I enjoyed playing it. Is it still in development?

Game Summary:

Fate welcomes you back to a world of panic and paranoia.

Whatever you do... there's always consequences. So you better trust only the trustworthy, conserve that stamina of yours along with the items you collect. Remember that you are not in a dream and there's a reason you were put in that dungeon.

Will you unravel the mysteries lurking in those dark corners? Will you even be able to escape from this hellhole?


Happy Halloween! :)

We are pleased to announce the release of our game, "Escape the Fate" here on You can download it for free, just visit this link:

And here's the short game trailer: or here

Have fun~

Hello, hello, @Mister :)

We have just released a new, upgraded version of this game. It has more features and better UI and graphics. You can check it out here: Free to download on Windows and Mac. We hope you enjoy the game. 

Have an awesome day~

Hello, @junacik99! :) We are pleased to inform you that an upgraded version of this game is out. ^_^ You can check it out here: Free to download. We hope you enjoy our new release.

By the way, I loved Akame ga Kill too! Both anime and manga. <3

Thank you for playing and for the feedback, @junacik99! :) A new version of this game with revamped everything will come out soon. ^_^

Thank you so much for playing~!
A new version will be up soon. ^_^