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Seems to not be the only link that is buggy though, so it might be an issue with the website. 

I checked other random demos, and yeah, it works half of the time. So no worries, probably not your bug.

From the website

Not sure if it's a bug, but when trying to download the chapters 1-3 demo, the link appear for half a second then disappear so I can't actually download it.... Any idea what that is? Or any way to send me another link or something if not?

That's a pretty neat gameplay style you got there, never seen one like that before. Nice.

And good luck with the coding, might be a bit tricky with that kinda gameplay I think? But yeah, cool prodject you got there.

no worries! :)

Just a typo heads up, you wrote ''bought to you'' instead of ''brought to you'' eheh

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Oh and btw, saw on your patron you'll add a 10 dollar tier thingy? I didn't see any update or info on that?

(also, I didnt see a private message thing here, so apologies for the spam on your game wall, not sure how else to contact you ^^')

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Ah,fair point, true, some of the lines are a bit confusing

Maybe they just need to proof-read though.

(or I guess I could help with that, if english isn't their strong language. Hit me up Meduza eheh -jk-)

Oh, take all the time you need though, you can't rush perfection ahah

And thanks :)

Aw, glad to have made your day :

That art style is so cool and quite unique, I quite like it. And I'm pretty hyped for that game of yours buddy eheh.

Keep up the good work! And have a nice day :P

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Damn, I don't comment on these usually, but the artstyle is so good. And the rest too ahah.  I'm pretty hyped for that game of yours, which is rare since I'm pretty critical with these xd

So keep up the good work buddy (or buddies ahah), cuz it's a pretty strong start from you guys. Will find a way to buy this when it releases, definitely.

And have a nice day!