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Thank you!

Loved your video, it was very funny! And I do agree with your point. Back when I made this game, I was not too concerned about how the game would make sense or any of the story behind it, but with my next one I am hoping to include a good amount of context and such to make it all somewhat make sense. The next one should also be much scarier!

Really loved your video! Possibly my favorite one. 900 is the highest possible score by the way, so congratulations!

Your video was hilarious! Glad I could scare you, at least a little bit. This is a fairly old project I didn't decide to finish until now, so I have sadly forgotten what the code is supposed to say or what it does. But, it's very impressive that you noticed it!

That's the highest score, Good job!

Thank you! I do have to agree it's not incredibly scary, but I appreciate the video! This is quite an old project so I will make sure to make my next game very scary!

Probably the scariest game I've played in my life...

One of the scariest games I've ever played! I screamed so loud...

I appreciate it! Thanks for the video.

Just for you bro.

As long as you eventually got it! Your video was hilarious!

I appreciate the video! Didn't expect anyone to try for that long. Angela is the white cat, she does not appear in your doorways so if you check the cameras and spot her in one of the hallways, close the door in your office that the hallway leads to.

Well, what would you expect him to do? Give you a big ol' hug?

Thanks man! I appreciate it.

I thought the game was fun! I didn't see the monster all that much, so I tried to play it again to see what happens when you die and couldn't find him at all?

This is the scariest game I've played so far. I was so nervous the entire time!


Honestly, scared me more than it should have. Great game though! I had so much fun playing it. 

I decided to play this game and record it for a YouTube video, and I couldn't finish it. That being said, I'm definitely going to come back to beat it eventually. Super great game! Can't wait to play more from you guys!