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Yes although they dont have much grip also Joint example :D

i have not really focused on the looks to much more working on the core systems such as saving/loading,phyisics,logicalblocks but i do plan on doing a polish update with particles and sounds soon :D and hope your doing good too!

you need to launch it with the cmd using that command :D

made in godot with the forward renderer (which uses vulkan)

i found the game quite hard love the graphics sounds at lest 9/10 and the movement felt quite nice so i'll give it a 7.6/10 

well this just looks like a better vertion of my game good job

do u still work on this?

whats the licence?

and music way to loud

ok so i like the game but to ez and not much telling me what to do so got board think it needs some screen shake so i get that adopamienother than that all good very nice


ahh ok ty

can we use the color black? i was doing out lines but i was wondering can i even use black?

god tier game ngl


nope not LD i made it in 3 days

do i need to pay in any way if i relese a game with thes?

10/10 nothing better gl in the art world buddi :)

btw i got 89

idk what this but i like the blankns of it

oh sorry about that ill try to fix it


krikit hope u and ur wife like it :)

well done ;)