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Such a great game! love everything about it, as usual for games made by Kultisti <3

the rocks should definetly be spawned in at the begining of the game, and the walk speed is very slow, could do with sprint and jump too. the begining of the game is feels realy slow, you should definetly start with less rest time, and/or cheaper upgrades. music and art are pretty cool though! also a way to exit the game without alt F4 would be nice, aswell as other settings(sound volume, but also the possibility of  removing the post process effect as it may make some players dizy) also a very important thing: feel and feedback! if a player does something, anything, there should be as much (but not too much) feedback that they did something, that can be sound effects, particles etc. if you added particles to when you hit the rock, and a big particles explosion when you destroy the rock (maybe even a couple of rock debris fragments flying around) it would make the game feel a lot better, and engage the player more

even after i got all of the upgrades i couldnt be bothered to get enough points to launch the ship, because it just took too long.

your project isn't set to public in the dashboard, so noone can see it

a cool puzzle, but once you get a basic strategy its extremely simple, so there is very little replayability. However, making it so that collumn, say, 3 can be moved to any other collumn, not only 3 could make it more interesting

thanks! personaly i thought the visuals arent that good XD

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my best was 45.32 (2nd try), nice game!

This is exactly what i'm looking for! thanks

i love this game!
best puzzle game i've ever seen!

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nice game, but i got stuck, i have 9 enrolments, 4 APIs, 3 goodwill, but i havent unlocked D yet, what APIs and goodwill upgrades do i need to unlock D?

My high score!

score of 554!