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With the mouse you can right click and it will throw

Good to see someone’s played the game 😂! I hope the boss isn’t to difficult?

Ok will do, you just ask me if you need anything too. 

Ok cool. Sounds awesome. Thanks

Ok cool, I might look into it later. Is it a one time price or do you have to pay every month?

AH ok, how much does it cost?

ok good lol. It is my first time using this web site so was just making sure it is easy to understand

Plus: I'm guessing you easily got the game to full screen? I did'nt know if i'd described the steps well?lol

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All good man. Your game was awesome! Does RPG Maker cost money?


Oh thats right you use Game Maker.


What an amazing game, this game is sooo unique and looks awesome! I wish I could make games like this, but I focus on making endless games, lol. I've actually very recently release my latests game if you want to check it out What did you use to make this cause for my games I use unity and I could'nt imagine making something so amazing on this game engine. But this game is amazing, will you be making more episodes?


Colour Blast is Space, Action Shooter where you shoot all the incoming SpaceShips heading your way. But these are'nt just normal SpaceShips, these SpaceShips are Red and Blue ones. To destroy these SpaceShips you must shoot the right colour bullet at them. After a while the speed picks up and eventually you'll find yourself shooting recklessly shooting all your bullets in hope of survival! But that isn't all the game has to offer, you can...

  • Earn XP and Level Up
  • Save up enough money to buy all the Player SpaceShips in the game.
  • Wait for your daily chest.
  • And try out knew unique tactics to protect yourself as new abilities get developed by me, the creator.