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Another great game with another great story. I got all achievements and almost all pictures. Last one on second page and first one on third page are still missing, but I will find them.

I was surprised and shocked when I met Seiichi. Even though it is been some time when I played other games from you, I still remember that stories. I wish I could help him to get Koko and Reiko back.

Oh and I have one question. I found Vari's (dool girl's) leg but not an arm. Is possible to find it too? 

Amazing game. There are some glitches but I didn't have problem anyway. I hope there will be more endings in the future. This one is so sad

Be patient. Habu is doing his best

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There's something I keep thinking about. At the end when Koko leads Seiichi to the human part of the city, he accidentally bumps into the girl named Lune. Then Koko says that girl looks familiar. In Reiko if you ask Koko about her mother, she tells you her mother's eyes were brighter and more yellow. That matches the Lune's eyes. So there is a possibility that Lune is Koko's mother. Could it be?

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Why? Why both endings must be that tragic? I spent so much time to find a way how to save them both and live like a happy family

I found this fanmade video. It would be great as third ending.