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There is  a free version online or on android  We are going to a release a version for apple soon too. 

We will keep the downloadable versions paid as we put a fair amount of work into the game and feel that this justifies the  price and thought it would be a good way for fans to show  support for our work.   I hope this was helpful!!

Thanks man!! Good catch.

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The game is about surviving  ruthless waves of ninjas, attacking you with their shurikens and swords. The game requires good timing,  quick reactions, and just a little bit of luck. You can earn many different ranks based on how long you have survived, your ranks on various maps unlock new maps. The game is simple to learn but difficult to master.

A while ago we made a fun game about killing ninjas and we decided to expand it as people seemed to enjoy playing. We just wanted to let you know that we added multiple maps, an ability to allow for different playstyles and more content ! To kickoff the update we made a sale. To see a more detailed list of additions to the game check out our devlog post.

Hey, if you were interested we recently released an updated version of the game onto mobile. 

We are making the mobile and web versions as we speak, will probably make an update about later this week. Glad you liked the game!

Hey Guys,

We have now launched our first game on itch,  Death By Ninja! 

The game is about surviving a ruthless onslaught of ninjas attacking you with their shurikens and swords. The game requires good timing,  quick reactions, and just a little bit of luck. We made this game over a weekend in order to clear our heads from other projects and found the results to be quite entertaining.

We would appreciate any feedback or comments you may have as we want to improve this game, and any future games we make.

Enjoy the fight :)