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Dude, you're replying to a comment that's 2 years old. I no longer stand by what I said in the past.

I mean there's a difference between being a pervert and acting like one in real life.

Who are you to judge a developer?
Developing a NSFW game doesn't necessarily mean that person is perverted.

MrCerealGuy Yeah, I was saying that to the other person who thinks it's better than the original one.

Well, it's fine if you develop it for fun. But I was suggesting you to make something original because that's the thing that is missing in gaming these days.

Umm nope, It will never get "better". The developers of Minecraft are very professional and they got their own game enjin. If you think some random developer of the internet who uses a game enjin on the internet is better then you must be retarded. Stonecraft may have everything but it got no popularity like Minecraft or the gaming experience of it.

Another rip off of Minecraft. Lame, who even plays this shit and I wonder how many rip off's there are of Minecraft. Anyways, it's never going to be famous as Minecraft, quit dreaming about that and go design your own game idea and maybe it may become popular. Who knows?

I literally don't give a fuck on the internet.

Lol, game engine doesn't matter kid, the game is exactly similar to minecraft so it is a rip off. You're the one who is dumb and tech illiterate here. I'm a computer programmer, kid. I'm currently studying at institution of programming. You're just ignorant about it and butt hurt over it being rip off of another rip off.

Also, anyone can fake steam accounts, lol. There's no proof that it's yours. Nice try kid.

Anyways, I got a life here kid so I will just block you now as I can't waste my valuable time here like you.

A suggestion for you; Get a life or drink bleach and kill yourself. Either way, you're just a piece of shit for the Earth. Like seriously you're creating a debate on Lmao xD


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Also, you said I don't look 17 and yeah, I get it. You're just a dumbass who judges people based on their profile picture. Just because I made a skin and rendered it as profile picture doesn't mean that character represents me in real life. That's very irrelevant as well.

You're also one of those assholes who probably supports pirated games or rip offs just because you can't afford one. Go get a job if you're so mature instead of getting butt hurt over an objective statement.

Nope, it's not a rip off of minecraft but it clearly is a rip off, off of another rip off of Minecraft.

That's alright because neither do you sound mature, you're probably just hitting puberty and I neither asked you to believe it nor I bother to prove it to you. Your belief won't affect my age, kid.