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Hi, sorry for the late reply, I've been busy + don't get on here much! ;; 

If you're still having issues, if you've got all the main endings (excludes death endings) you can get the true end just by going through a timeline and choosing to stop instead of jumping to a new one at the end. Otherwise if that doesn't work, double check what endings you've gotten via the extras menu

Hiya! flowchart.png is just inside the folder for the game (note, not inside the folder called "game").

If you're missing it, you may have downloaded an earlier version that didn't include it in the folder... I hope not, because the way I coded it in the earlier version made completing the game a pain... Basically, the endings you got didn't get saved if you reloaded from an earlier save instead of just jumping to a new timeline. If that's the case, I recommend just going back and using F.Skip to get those flags again, and avoiding reloading from earlier saves. Sorry about that! ;;;;