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Yes it is.

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 - Surviville's prototype was released about two months ago. I thought I might as well keep everyone who is interested in the game updated! Expect me to update every week or two. Feel free to ask me any questions below!

 - So far, Surviville has been given eating animations. Character selection has also been added. The random world generator is half-way complete. More items and weapons have been added.  So much more crafting recipes! Enemies have been added and previous ones have been tampered with (it's more balanced now).

 - Surviville has seen some graphical changes. A mouse cursor has been added. You don't need to use a campfire to open your crafting menu. The random world generator is coming along pretty well.

- 6 / 15 / 2017(Decided to add the date on every upload.) : Two different types of trees exist now. Elm and Shoe String Acacia's can be found around the world, they both drop different items. All of the wood/stone tools require rope to make. A new type of tool has been added. The HUD looks better. Status bars have been changed entirely. Music has been added to certain biomes [subject to change].

- 9 / 30 / 2017 : Surviville has been canceled, sorry guys :(.

Yes, simply press 'alt' and 'enter' at the same time and the game should full screen.

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Thank you for your feedback! When the full game releases, maps will be randomly generated, so it may be worse ;).

Nice work on this game! I love the characters, they seem very realistic and have realistic personality's! It's very original and creative, the scenery is very nice, gameplay is smooth and very enjoyable. It's just an all around terrific game!

9/10 would get punched again!

Can you give a bit more information? What's your OS?