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Well i was able to beat all 4 Monsters

i didnt fight the 5th monster due to the event containing all the battles and whatnot

By the Way,I can't Beat Monster 3

If Chrome Scans the Game as a Virus,Just Click on the Arrow and Click Allow since It 'Isn't one

Their's Mode 7 Scripts for XP

No but with Scripts you can use 3d Graphics,Not 3d Models

lmao the bully spawning on top of the player


. community · Created a new topic Putting it on Mac soon

Coming to Mac in 2019

I Have a Theory In The Beginning a New Kid Comes to the School When Baldi Catches Them They Take the Quater and sends them to an Unknown Universe and Gives the Quarter to The New Kid You Might Be Wondering About The Bully Taking the Quarter,He Teams Up With Baldi,That Explains Why Baldi's Only After You,So The Bully Give The Quarter to Baldi,Its Basically a Loop,But Is Baldi Human?Well Hes Accually a God