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Weird, I tested it on Mac M1 Monterey 12.5 

It works

Thanks for playing :)

Hi, thanks for your feedback!

Thanks, dude!

Thanks a lot! 

Hi, thanks a lot for playing :)

Hi, thanks for your feedback!

I've uploaded an updated version where the wardrobe in the bedroom only needs to be unlocked with the key once, and then you can just open it whenever needed.

If you decide to try an improved version - let me know how it went!

That was a cool walkthrough - following you on YouTube now and looking forward to more vids!

And thanks so much for helping me discover those bugs - some things were pretty critical!! All are fixed in the latest update.

Hi, thanks a lot for playing and for your honest feedback!

What was that bug about?

I'm still uploading updates with improvements and bug fixes, so it would be helpful to know what made you restart.

Hey, thanks for the playthrough!

It seems like it's hard to impress you haha, so I'm really glad you enjoyed The Roots. 

And there are always some debates going around jumpscares, yeah :)

That was a cool walkthrough! So sorry you didn't see the Blue Key... I'll make an update where it's a bit more obvious. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the comment!

I've fixed a few minor bugs, including:

 ⁃ Triggers

 ⁃ Jumpscares

 ⁃ Localization

 ⁃ Gramophone

 ⁃ Start Points

 ⁃ Lighting

 ⁃ Sounds

I think there will be some further updates, but the story itself won't change anymore.

We are working on the ideas for the sequel, so there might be another game in the future - stay tuned!

Thank you very much, I hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks a lot! What do you think about the game?

Thanks for the review! I started following you on youtube & am looking forward to more videos!

Hey Boundless, 

I had so much fun watching your review - thanks a lot, following you on YouTube now & looking forward to more streams!

I also appreciate the detailed comment and feedback, it always helps keep making the project better. 

1. Story explanation: there was a scene with the note in the Blue Room that would have made the setting clearer, but you just ran past it towards the stairs (I guess it's because of that jumpscare you didn't like haha, as you were super-attentive throughout the game)

2. The vinyl bug is fixed.

Thank you!

Heey, thanks for the review! How did you like it?

And ooops, a couple of localization bugs popped up - should be fixed now.

This game was amazing! 

Thanks a lot!

It's really scary

Thanks for playing and for your feedback! Do you remember where the translation issues were?

There is only one ending

Wow, great atmosphere. I really like it!