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I loved this.  It was relaxing but the stories themselves were so real, I could connect with most of them.  Especially the one about the writers block. 

Well done cube.

Hi momo,

Hm, I'm unsure what the problem could be in this case.  The best I can do for now is provide you with a link to an older version of the game to see if that works (the story is complete, I think it is just missing the CGs).  Otherwise if that doesn't work, I won't be able to release any updates on this game until March due to my current living arrangements.  I'm sorry I can't offer any other solution right now, but I'll keep thinking of ways to fix the problem so you can enjoy the game =]

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hi momo,

It's no bother at all.  =)

That is strange, could you tell me exactly which file you downloaded and what type of computer your using? If you're on a PC and you downloaded the Mac file I know the game won't run but there should still be files in it. 

Hi TwoCrescents! 

Thank you so much for the kind words and feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the game. 

I'm actually working on a sequel called DRUNK:MAGIC, but this one will follow Luka's story after the events of the ball.  It won't be a VN however, more info about this to come next year.

Thanks for letting me know you can skip the errors. 

Hi meowiecakes! 

Thanks so much for playing and making a let's play video!  

If you get the chance there is a walk-through available that shows how to get all the endings. Including the BL ones, hehe =) but yes the game is pretty light when it comes to bl/yaoi since I wanted it to be more story focused. 

Hi Wasteland-wolf, 

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! This is very strange, the date on the application seems to be off.  I'll have to look into it. 

The gallery not being accessible is due to a coding issue on my end that I'm working on, so it's not related to the error you are getting. 

I'll hopefully get these things fixed by the end of the month. 

Thanks again for letting me know. 


Thank you!! I'm glad to hear that =D

Hehe, I'm glad you like it so far =] 

The script is finished and I'll hopefully be able to release the game in late November after the kickstarter campaign ends.
Stay tuned =]

No thanks, I'd like to focus on game development for the time being. 

Thank you! 
Yeah I have a few more assets planned, just gotta find the time and motivation to make them. Haha. 

I currently have a 20% off sale on complete sprite packs.  These packs can contain extra expressions, extra outfits, extra hairstyles, and can be used for free and commercial projects. 

Hi dretchlord! 

Thanks for asking in advance, I appreciate that. Yes, you may make small edits like the ones you described. 

When your game is finished I would love to check it out so don't be afraid to share it with me as well. =)


Gave it a quick play, the writing is nice and I didn't die... that's a good ending right? 


I'm really glad that you enjoyed the game =) 

Thanks for including it in your let's play. I feel like your reactions matched Lana's a lot. Hehe. 

This was a very cute game!!! 

I got Sayaka's ending, which is what I was aiming for.  I love the sporty/friendly type girls XD

A few of the backgrounds were missing sadly.  The background "shrine_entrance" was one of them.  I did like the sprites and the movements on screen.  The coder did a great job with that.  

Overall, well done to the team! 

This is a very nice game!!
The music goes well with the overall  theme.  Although the art style is rough and sketchy I quite like it and it adds it's own sort of simple vibe to the game.  I can see a lot of work went into the art as lots of little bits and piece move throughout the game.  
It's short, but that makes it perfect for a quick fun relaxing game to play.
Overall, well done!

No one else has mentioned this so far.  Can you send me a screenshot of the error?

This game was super cute.  Great for something to play to relax. 

Every time you said 'nya' in your 20's gangster voice I smiled. 

Thank you! I'm glad you like it ^w^ 

This is great!! I don't play overwatch but I do follow the fandom. I absolutely love all the little extra details in the artwork. The different poses, the way Pharah 'jets' away,  the CG art. Everything comes together so well!

Although I played on my phone and it didn't save game when I had to take a break. So I think this game is better played in one sitting. 

hi NaMaeli! 

I'm so glad to hear you liked the sprites and enjoyed the game! Thank you for the kind words. 

Hehe, there's three possible love interests: Sousuke,  Ai, and Haru. But Haru's route is the hardest to achieve. 

For a game that is free, this is top quality! I really enjoyed the story and the music is great. I love Meyer's witty personality and Leslie's child-like (but serious at times) charm.  You've won me over with these two loveable characters. 

The character art is absolutely beautiful! Well done to the artist. I love the panning scenes with the background as well, it feels like I'm watching a tv show rather than playing a game. 

I can't sing your team enough praise, seriously, great job on this! =D

Hi Neal
Your game sounds really interesting, I like murder mystery games so I'd be pretty keen to play. I'll see if I can make a version of Jun wearing different clothes but it might take me a while to release since I have a few projects to work on. 

I'll let you know when I release it though.


Thanks  a bunch Neal! 

Sure you can credit as Red Baby but could you also put in brackets 'Red Chan' next to it since I'm going to be transitioning to that username over the next couple of months. 

Please also let me know when you finish the game since I like seeing how people use my art. =)

Awesome =)

The folder is up now on the page. 

Hi again Neal!
Since someone else also recently contacted me about using Jun's sprite, I figured it would be easier to create another folder full of Jun's sprites that can be used for commercial projects instead of sending out multiple licenses. 
This won't exactly be like a complete pack, but there are a few extra facial expressions and the edges of the sprites have been cleaned up a bit. 
I'll also be charging less for this pack to make it more affordable for everyone else.

Does this make things a bit more convenient for you?


Hi Neal! 

Unfortunately Jun doesn't have a complete or starter pack difference like the other sprites since he was the first one I ever made. 

However, If you would like to use him for a commercial game I can draft up a non-exclusive license for you to purchase. 


Haha, yeah Haru has a few routes. There are two good endings for Haru, but the way to get to them only involves making two very specific choices. I won't tell you which ones though since that would ruin the fun =) good luck! 

hi lilishakarian. 

I'm glad you like it. Yes, I am currently working on an artbook which will include a walkthrough as well as many other things. 

I aim to release it in either September or October. 

New sprite is now available!!!

You can also read my creation process over on twitter, check it out here: creation process

Meet Lana, the sassy sorceress

Lana the sassy sorceress
Download Here

Thank you Jane!!!

Thanks Neeka!  Haha, yeah I wanted her colour scheme to be more mellow compared to Luka's. 

Hi Pumpkin Spike!  

I'm glad you enjoyed the game!  

In short, yes. (trying not to give spoilers) lol. 

Thanks Ertal!!! 

Seriously nice work with this game!!

The choice in music was great, and I seriously loved the little sprite animations.  When David inches closer to Ron, awww man that was cute. 

The story is very well written. I kind of figured out who Ron was at the start but I still enjoyed reading their interactions. Ron is just too cute. 

Overall, great job!!! 

I really enjoyed this game!!!

The music is great, really sets the tone for all the different scenes.  Well done to the music composer.

Art wise, I really liked the falling rain animation, it was very pretty.  I was hoping to see more animated backgrounds. The splashes of colour against the black and white art style really helps draw my attention to parts of the game.  I also like the way you coloured the blood XD aesthetically pleasing.

I think I found a typo:
"as we want to open the door" do you mean "as we went to open the door"?

But otherwise the writing is very well done and I really like Sungmin's personality.  

Overall, solid game. Great job and  I'll be checking out Egoholic next =D

Hi fricochet! 
Thank you so much for the kind words and feedback!!! We really appreciate it! 

Yes our sprite artist, Adhylia, is a real magical girl ^w^ her style happened to match well with Uncle Mugen's backgrounds so we were lucky in the art department. 
And I understand what you mean with Rex, to be honest that's just due to my own laziness, haha.  For now we are using that as a placeholder but Adhylia and I will be working on proper CG scenes (similar to the main menu art) for the full release. 

I'm glad you like the battles, yeah I made them easy to win to begin with.  As I learn more coding and try knew things, I'm hoping to make the battles a little more difficult, so I hope you enjoy what is to come. 

I haven't found a musical piece I liked enough for the main menu yet.  I'm considering hiring someone to create a piece.  But that is currently at the bottom of our to do list. 

Seriously, thank you so much for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it! It means a lot to hear this. 

<3 Red

Thanks Neeka!  

Haha, I hope the story of the game makes enough sense without having to watch the anime series. But there are some references that may not make sense. 

Either way, if you do play it I would love to hear your opinion. 

Just played through. The game works on Android so that's a bonus =) it'll be easy for people on the go. 

Artwork is beautiful. The style is new to me but I like it. 

Music didn't work unfortunately. 

I found a typo: 

Gianni "go out of a slice or a kebab" I think you mean to say "go out for a slice" 

This is a visually beautiful game. None of the boys really grabbed my interest (if anything their personalities sort of annoyed me) but that's just due to personal preference. 

Keep up the good work!