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Thanks basketbird!
I'm bringing the characters back for this year's yuri game jam, but in a modern setting.

Thanks Catastrofica!

It means a lot to hear you say it does a wonderful job at representing multiple sexualities and representations! 

Ok, can we just talk about how amazing the animated sprites and how beautiful the CG art is? Like... Rodric's make up, his hair, and frilly shirt and chains.  It's all just so beautiful!! 

Alexndre's awkwardness and his excited squeal over getting his husbando is so relateable. The talk about consent. The beautiful GUI and the funky music. Everything goes so well together.

Seriously, well done! 

Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

thank you Mittens!! 

Hi sunspotty!

Thanks for clarifying why you think the game might be homophobic, I see that you're concerned about me using the term BL to describe my game.  

The term BL actually stands for 'boys' love'.  I assure you, there are many people (female, male, trans and more) that enjoy BL content for the stories, art and overall messages that the creators are trying to portray.  Just like any other genre of entertainment out there. It is unfortunate that some people will see the tag 'BL' and feel put off by it, but I know that each person will have their own preferred genres. 

If you decide not to play the game because of your preference, that is understandable.  But if you do try out the demo, I hope you can see the game for what it is beyond the tag. 

Thank you!!! 

I'm so glad you played the rest of the game and liked it.  It means a lot to hear that you enjoyed Jodeci's character, I try my best to create relatable and interesting characters.

I really appreciate your feedback!


Hi sunspotty!

I'm a little confused, could you tell me why you think the game might be homophobic? 
If you haven't yet, I invite you to try out the demo or watch some of the Let's Plays on youtube to really understand what the game is truly about. 

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Haha, the walkthrough won't be out for a while... like a long while.
But if you want the poly route you have to get at least 2 out of the three friendship endings and watch the after credit scene.  
There's two endings for the poly route.  So good luck!

I'm so glad to hear how much you liked the game!!
My editor really helped out with the ace talk, I wanted to make sure it was informative for people that might be unfamiliar with the term but still lighthearted and presenting in a natural way. 

Hi Alex!

Thank you! I'm glad you seem to be enjoying the series.

Good luck getting the polyamory route!

Hi Polaton, I'm glad you're enjoying it on steam!

Ahahahhaa... the stickers... The walk through guides won't be coming out any time soon, but I can tell you there are 9 stickers overall. Depending on which character you're trying to romance, it might even be better to get no stickers. *hint hint*

Thank you luna!

Ahahaha, I hope you enjoy them too if you decide to play. 

I would recommend I'm a side character and I'm a love interest, you might like some of the characters. ;)

Thank you for the kind words angeladmdl!
I'm so glad you enjoyed it.  Playing as a side character has now kind of become my thing when making games, haha. I think telling the same tropey story from a new perspective can be fun and insightful.

Thank you!! I'm so glad you like it. 

And it's another game based on Australia. Haha. 

How much did Gunnar pay you to come here and say that?! Hahaha

Haha. The game comes out on the 31st of August. So I wonder if you will find the answer to your wondering. ;)

Do you mean program wise? I used paint tool sai

Making a new thread because my old one was archived and I can no longer post in it.

Here are some of my art assets for visual novels. You can find the full collection here!!

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! 
Thank you for adding it to your show case. =]

Thank you! I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the game =)

Hi ysoria!

Glad it got sorted. Good to know.
Hope you enjoy the game!

thank YOU for playing =)

Hi again ysoria!

I tried reconnecting my paypal to itch, so give it another go and see if it works now. 

Hm... I'm not sure what the issue could be, you'll probably need to contact support to sort that one out. 
Otherwise you can wait for the steam release, but that will be a couple of months. (Aiming for late september/early october)

Hi ysoria!

Might be a problem with paypal, the download button still seems to work on my end.
Maybe try again in a few days. 

hi AJBlack, 

You can credit me as Red Chan. 

Thank you for being interested in the sprite =)

Thank you for the suggestion. 

Thank you for picking that up too! 

Thank you!

working on setting up a steam account =) so hopefully before the end of the year but it won't be anytime soon. 

Thank you so much yagirlez!! Your feedback and review really does mean a lot to me, it's got me feeling warm and fuzzy inside <3

I am so glad that you enjoyed it, and I'm glad the relationship dynamics made sense to you, I wanted them to be relatable and make sense, but still being within the realm of an otome/BL. (and yes, there needs to be more Aussie games SET IN AUSTRALIA out there! WOOOOO!)

Thank you so much for writing something this long, I honestly appreciate and value it!  Thank you for trying out as many routes as you could!  And thanks for picking up the error with the after credits mentioning Ao every time. I will look into it. Did you get the polyam ending in the end? Because good news... one of my current yaoijam projects is a sequel to I'm a love interest!! Bwahaha, just finish one game and I'm already working on the the next.  

I'll work on adding a CG gallery to a future build of the game, it sounds like something people will be interested in and will help track all the endings. Thank you for the suggestion!

I don't know if I've said thank you enough times, haha, but it made me so happy to read your review.  Thank you for playing =]

Thank you!

But if you need to, please focus on saving. The game will still be here after you're done =)

Have an amazing day. 

Thank you,=)

Hi ParrotWatcher!

Had to double check and yes, there was originally meant to be a CG scene there but it wasn't made (instead a different CG scene in his route was added) and I forgot to recode the spring roll scene.  Thanks for picking that up!  I'll fix that up in a later build.


No judging. Only developing. 

Thank you so much Alacriteve!!!

I'm so happy to hear your thoughts on the game! I'm glad you enjoyed it and seriously, thank you for your support!

Hi DoeDido,
I just double checked and it appears you can submit multiple entries into a single game jam! 

So yes, you can work on as many games as you like and submit them.

thank you Bellalove! 

At the moment it will only be on if the game does well then I can look into a steam release later on. But that's currently low on the priority list.