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Haha, yeah Haru has a few routes. There are two good endings for Haru, but the way to get to them only involves making two very specific choices. I won't tell you which ones though since that would ruin the fun =) good luck! 

hi lilishakarian. 

I'm glad you like it. Yes, I am currently working on an artbook which will include a walkthrough as well as many other things. 

I aim to release it in either September or October. 

New sprite is now available!!!

You can also read my creation process over on twitter, check it out here: creation process

Meet Lana, the sassy sorceress

Lana the sassy sorceress
Download Here

Thank you Jane!!!

Thanks Neeka!  Haha, yeah I wanted her colour scheme to be more mellow compared to Luka's. 

Hi Pumpkin Spike!  

I'm glad you enjoyed the game!  

In short, yes. (trying not to give spoilers) lol. 

Thanks Ertal!!! 

Seriously nice work with this game!!

The choice in music was great, and I seriously loved the little sprite animations.  When David inches closer to Ron, awww man that was cute. 

The story is very well written. I kind of figured out who Ron was at the start but I still enjoyed reading their interactions. Ron is just too cute. 

Overall, great job!!! 

I really enjoyed this game!!!

The music is great, really sets the tone for all the different scenes.  Well done to the music composer.

Art wise, I really liked the falling rain animation, it was very pretty.  I was hoping to see more animated backgrounds. The splashes of colour against the black and white art style really helps draw my attention to parts of the game.  I also like the way you coloured the blood XD aesthetically pleasing.

I think I found a typo:
"as we want to open the door" do you mean "as we went to open the door"?

But otherwise the writing is very well done and I really like Sungmin's personality.  

Overall, solid game. Great job and  I'll be checking out Egoholic next =D

Hi fricochet! 
Thank you so much for the kind words and feedback!!! We really appreciate it! 

Yes our sprite artist, Adhylia, is a real magical girl ^w^ her style happened to match well with Uncle Mugen's backgrounds so we were lucky in the art department. 
And I understand what you mean with Rex, to be honest that's just due to my own laziness, haha.  For now we are using that as a placeholder but Adhylia and I will be working on proper CG scenes (similar to the main menu art) for the full release. 

I'm glad you like the battles, yeah I made them easy to win to begin with.  As I learn more coding and try knew things, I'm hoping to make the battles a little more difficult, so I hope you enjoy what is to come. 

I haven't found a musical piece I liked enough for the main menu yet.  I'm considering hiring someone to create a piece.  But that is currently at the bottom of our to do list. 

Seriously, thank you so much for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it! It means a lot to hear this. 

<3 Red

Thanks Neeka!  

Haha, I hope the story of the game makes enough sense without having to watch the anime series. But there are some references that may not make sense. 

Either way, if you do play it I would love to hear your opinion. 

Just played through. The game works on Android so that's a bonus =) it'll be easy for people on the go. 

Artwork is beautiful. The style is new to me but I like it. 

Music didn't work unfortunately. 

I found a typo: 

Gianni "go out of a slice or a kebab" I think you mean to say "go out for a slice" 

This is a visually beautiful game. None of the boys really grabbed my interest (if anything their personalities sort of annoyed me) but that's just due to personal preference. 

Keep up the good work! 

Thank you! 

Haha, I admit Binan Koukou was definitely one of the inspirations for this game. As well as Magical Girl One and a few others. 

This was a super cute game, I enjoyed it! The music was nice and jazzy, set a good mood.  Interesting 'twist' at the end.  Art style is great.  Seriously great work!!

I only started playing and I already hate Harun XD 
The writing is so good and I love the character art! Can't wait to play more!

Keep it up!

Hi littlev! 

Thank you so much for the support. I'm glad you liked the little touches, coding is not my specialty but I hope you enjoy what other things I have planned for the rest of the game. Hehehe

Hi Team-Crohn, 

Thanks for asking. 

Yes, you can use the sprites in the starter pack for personal and non-commercial games. If your game is intended for commercial use then you can use the sprites in the Complete Pack.


Thanks for the feedback! 

Hopefully somewhere down the line I may try to remake it with new art and characters to enhance the story. I'm glad I did this game for the game jam though because I learnt lots of coding tricks.  

thank you,  I'm happy to hear. =)

Here's a new sprite pack!!! The first of many for my Fantasy themed characters.  

He's name is Luka and he is a mage ^w^

Download here

Made another items pack

Download Here

Thank you.

Thank you.  I see what you mean by the hip and shoulder ratio.  I'm still improving my anatomy skills so thanks for the feedback =] 
I'd imagine colour via mouse would be difficult.  Good luck.

Thank you =]

Hi Ai, 

Unfortunately there is no planned route for Rei. =(

But he will be making an appearance in the game =)

Thank you!  

And thanks for the feedback, I'll consider the cooking and farming icons.  I was thinking of making some berries, apples and melon shaped fruit soon, but I'm still working on the fantasy theme at the moment. So the next icons pack will include some weapons as well.  

Made an items sprite pack.

Download here

I like this!!! It's very well done.  The story flows very well and it's easy to read panel to panel. 
That one panel where the two character's thoughts overlap on page 175 is very well done, I thought it was a nice formatting technique.  

The artwork is also very cute.  

Thank you for making this =D I hope to read more.  

Another sprite sample. 

I've made a fourth and [for now] final sprite in my set of Casual Sprite Packs.

Download Here

Extra Note:

I will be hosting a 50% off sale on my sprite assets until the 12th of April.

Running Windows 10. 

It's probably my operating system. ^^"

Oh I get what you mean.  I'm really unorganized though so I'm still trying to finish off the artwork and the programming at the same time and it's been hectic.  Lol. 

Oh okay, thanks for clarifying that! Yeah the 'sex' and the 'exit' buttons are the only ones lit up, but they still don't seem to do anything. Haha. But I'm looking forward to seeing when you finish the game =D 

Unfortunately the game wouldn't work for me =(

It opens up just fine however nothing happens when I click on the icons.  Tried using the mouse first then tried the keyboard, but still no avail.  The artwork and music were both really good though, it's just unfortunate I couldn't play it. 

Thank you! I have to look at several references to get poses and proportions to a standard I am happy with. Do you create much art? If you do, would you like to share, I wouldn't mind seeing some. 

I'll be releasing another Sprite Pack later this month before I decide if I want to try making a Patreon or not. 

Thank you =) 

I'm taking breaking the fourth wall to a whole new level.

Thanks for the feedback!  

Yeah I moved the text to the side to accommodate when there's a side image of the prince, but you're right it does look weird. I'm looking into different textbox designs and coding to make it more visually pleasing. If I find one I really like I'll probably release an updated version with more art in the future. =)

Good job with this!!!

It's very well written but what I liked most about this game was the consent.  I liked how it gives choices and asks the reader what they are comfortable with doing.  Well done, can't wait for parts two and three!

Thanks for the offer but I can only accept small paid projects at the moment since I've already got several long term projects going.