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Thank you!!

Have fun! 

Hi Jodie! I'm glad to hear that you like it! Yes, the Endings PDF file is also available for download on the game's page.

Thank you!

Hahaha, enjoy!

Thank you !

Thank you FoxPancakes =D



Hope you enjoy it. 

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Plans for Jodeci's story is currently in planning stages. 

I'm glad you liked the writing =]

There is a 'skip' button at the button left to skip the dialogue, but it only skips scenes that you have already seen. So if it doesn't seem to be working it's probably new dialogue or a glitch that I need to look into.

Thanks for the kind words!

I hope my sprites are helpful while you're practicing. Best of luck!

I dare!! 

At least I didn't make them play cricket XD

I agree. But I needed to make Danny seem more hateable. And this was the best way to go. XD

¡Muchas gracias por tus amables palabras! Estoy escribiendo una historia corta para Jodeci, pero no será un juego, solo una novela corta. :)


Honestly it's probably the most realistic ending. How many times do friends reconcile after a falling out?

The games are currently only available for Mac and PC. No plans to port them to Android or iOS at the moment but will consider it. 


Everyone seems to like his t-shirt XD

Thanks Jessi!

Glad that the packs help. Best of luck with your games!


Well done, very short, cute, and sweet.

Discord details have been added to the FAQ section of the jam page.

This game is on indefinite hiatus. Please read the game's page for details. 


Thanks for messaging, happy to hear you like her design :)

As long as your game is not commercial, then yes you may edit the art to appear more androgynous. If you plan to sell your game, however, we will need to discuss a single use license. 

For lesbian games, we suggest you look into Yuri Game Jam:

Hi Micah!

You are welcome, I guess? Lol. 

I grew up in a very diverse neighbourhood, and wanted to show in my games that same diversity. 

I hope I do a good job representing them.


Im glad you enjoyed playing! :D

haha!! Happy to hear I am fulfilling dreams!XD

many thanks!

hi Ixphy!

Glad you like the music. :D

I haven't played DDLC, but if they used the RenPy engine to make it then it's probably similar because I just used the default format. Lol. 

Thanks Yuna! I'm glad you loved it :D

The theme is Yaoi.

hi CrunChester,

If it's a complete remake with new assets and changes to the story then you may submit it to YaoiJam. However, if you're just updating the game slightly and still using mostly your old assets and script then you must submit it into YaoiJam+, even if it's not completed, updates to previously released games are still accepted into YaoiJam+

Thanks Jamxe!!

Glad you hear you're loving it so far :)

Thanks Jam the Bard! 

Your game must focus on queer relationships between men OR the queer male experience. This includes: gay, bi, trans, non-binary, aro, ace, pan, any male-identified LGBTQIA characters.

So while romance is not needed, the central character(s) must be male-identified LGBT+. 

Yes, Visual Novels are games. 

Thank you so much!!

Thank you :D looking forward to seeing the project!

Good luck!
And yes, currently working on the Valentine's Day spin off and a new game set in the same universe but doesn't focus on the same characters. 

hi missysol!

I'm glad you're liking the game! Ending 6 is a bit difficult to explain how to get, but you need to pick most of the friendship options for Emily. So get close to her but not too close?

I hope that helps. 

Thank you so much for the detailed review and kind words!!

I'm glad you enjoyed the little scenes where they speak different languages. I believe multiculturalism is very important here in Australia and I wanted to portray that in as many ways as I could. 

Thank you! And mate, hahahha, most of my games are set in Australia XD