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me too XD

Thank you so much for playing Val! 

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Ash was actually created by one of our Patreon members, and she did a great job with designing him. 

Wrong Number does tie in with my other games, so a sequel or spin-off is very likely. Hehe. 

Thank you again for backing us, we couldn't have done it without your support. 

thank you! 

We already have the script done. Just need to get all the assets and then I can code everything. 

Thank you =]

I am including it in the artbook but will also make an independent walkthrough guide if people need it. 

Unfortunately no


Thank you so much Cupid! 

I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Feel free to check out my other ones. Otherwise I will probably make more for YaoiJam in the future. Haha. 

thank you!!

Haha. Yeah I'm gonna add as many Aussie references as I can. 

Because Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Thanks Darthmongoose! 

I'll have to work on releasing a complete walkthrough before the year ends. 

Thanks Saragraph!! I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it! 

And thanks for reminding me that I really should make a full walkthrough at some point. 

Thanks again MyKawaiiPanda! 

I've been thinking about redrawing all the CGs and animations to make them a little smoother. This feedback has kind of given me an extra boost :)

No, the purpose of this jam is to finish older projects so that participants can have one less thing to worry about for the main YaoiGameJam event. 

If you wish to start a new project, you are encouraged to join the main event.

Thank you wmr!

I think we all know someone like Luka. Haha. 

Thank you for playing the extended demo Kei!! It was fun watching the let's play!

Thank you MyKawaiiPanda!

Thank you!

Hi OverTheWhiteCliffsOfDover!

Regarding ending six, you'll need to pick most of Emily's friendship choices... It's a bit of a hard ending to explain sorry. 

For ending ten, this is one of the Polyamory endings, so you'll need to befriend two of the love interests and once you're on that route, select different choices to what you chose in ending eleven. 

Hope that helps. 

Very nice !

Thank you for the kind words kannaophelia!

The world needs more games set in Australia. Lol

Thanks for organising another one of these. 

I don't have many projects that meet the criteria, but here is my contribution.

hi Helen! 

Thank you for the kind words! I agree, everyone needs someone like Jodeci in their lives :)

Only friendship endings when it comes to Jodeci in this game.

I'm glad. Thank you :)

Hi CraftyCreeper,
Please give it a go now and let me know if it works now.


Thanks for letting me know! I'll see what I can do about it. 

Thank you wmr33!! 

Development is going well! Slower than originally planned but we are nearing the end. :)

Hi there!

What operating system does your chromebook use? The game is playable on mac, windows and linux OS, which are the options that the program I use to make the game on are able to port in. 
So unfortunately, if it uses a different OS, I won't have the ability to build it in a different OS at the moment.

Thank you so much for your kind words Chaolina!

I do plan on extending Jodeci and Peters stories in the future if I have time. But until then, you can try the main game or any of the other short spin off games. :D

I like the VAs too, they're amazing and talented people :)

Thank you for playing the game!!

Thank you!!! I'm so glad you liked it :D

Thank you!!

Have fun! 

Hi Jodie! I'm glad to hear that you like it! Yes, the Endings PDF file is also available for download on the game's page.

Thank you!

Hahaha, enjoy!

Thank you !

Thank you FoxPancakes =D



Hope you enjoy it. 

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Plans for Jodeci's story is currently in planning stages.