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Hi Team-Crohn, 

Thanks for asking. 

Yes, you can use the sprites in the starter pack for personal and non-commercial games. If your game is intended for commercial use then you can use the sprites in the Complete Pack.


Thanks for the feedback! 

Hopefully somewhere down the line I may try to remake it with new art and characters to enhance the story. I'm glad I did this game for the game jam though because I learnt lots of coding tricks.  

thank you,  I'm happy to hear. =)

Here's a new sprite pack!!! The first of many for my Fantasy themed characters.  

He's name is Luka and he is a mage ^w^

Download here

Made another items pack

Download Here

Thank you.

Thank you.  I see what you mean by the hip and shoulder ratio.  I'm still improving my anatomy skills so thanks for the feedback =] 
I'd imagine colour via mouse would be difficult.  Good luck.

Thank you =]

Hi Ai, 

Unfortunately there is no planned route for Rei. =(

But he will be making an appearance in the game =)

Thank you!  

And thanks for the feedback, I'll consider the cooking and farming icons.  I was thinking of making some berries, apples and melon shaped fruit soon, but I'm still working on the fantasy theme at the moment. So the next icons pack will include some weapons as well.  

Made an items sprite pack.

Download here

I like this!!! It's very well done.  The story flows very well and it's easy to read panel to panel. 
That one panel where the two character's thoughts overlap on page 175 is very well done, I thought it was a nice formatting technique.  

The artwork is also very cute.  

Thank you for making this =D I hope to read more.  

Another sprite sample. 

I've made a fourth and [for now] final sprite in my set of Casual Sprite Packs.

Download Here

Extra Note:

I will be hosting a 50% off sale on my sprite assets until the 12th of April.

Running Windows 10. 

It's probably my operating system. ^^"

Oh I get what you mean.  I'm really unorganized though so I'm still trying to finish off the artwork and the programming at the same time and it's been hectic.  Lol. 

Oh okay, thanks for clarifying that! Yeah the 'sex' and the 'exit' buttons are the only ones lit up, but they still don't seem to do anything. Haha. But I'm looking forward to seeing when you finish the game =D 

Unfortunately the game wouldn't work for me =(

It opens up just fine however nothing happens when I click on the icons.  Tried using the mouse first then tried the keyboard, but still no avail.  The artwork and music were both really good though, it's just unfortunate I couldn't play it. 

Thank you! I have to look at several references to get poses and proportions to a standard I am happy with. Do you create much art? If you do, would you like to share, I wouldn't mind seeing some. 

I'll be releasing another Sprite Pack later this month before I decide if I want to try making a Patreon or not. 

Thank you =) 

I'm taking breaking the fourth wall to a whole new level.

Thanks for the feedback!  

Yeah I moved the text to the side to accommodate when there's a side image of the prince, but you're right it does look weird. I'm looking into different textbox designs and coding to make it more visually pleasing. If I find one I really like I'll probably release an updated version with more art in the future. =)

Good job with this!!!

It's very well written but what I liked most about this game was the consent.  I liked how it gives choices and asks the reader what they are comfortable with doing.  Well done, can't wait for parts two and three!

Thanks for the offer but I can only accept small paid projects at the moment since I've already got several long term projects going. 

Here's some more chibi samples. 

Hi, I would appreciate if you took the time to review my game. It's only a demo so far but I'm working on finishing the game soon. 

I need more feedback so I can fix up any typos or problems with the sprites and artwork. If you're interested the link is here: 


Thanks in advance. =)

The one with dark hair is Jun, the one with blonde hair is Kam.

Oh, and thanks for pointing out their names, I've added links to their download pages now so you can read all their info and the sprite specs on there too.  

Thank you. I hope to make more in the future when I have time. 

A combination of different programs including Sai, Gimp, and MS Paint depending on what I want to do with it.

I finally finished the game, I really enjoyed it!  The artwork is absolutely beautiful and I like how you have two different styles for the real world and the dream world.  Fun story, lots of choices which seem to have influence on many things so I was using up a lot of the save slots, haha.  Overall, brilliant game!!

Really enjoying this game, I like spot the difference and the music goes really well with it. There are some really challenging ones and some easy ones as well to help build up hints.

The artwork is beautiful. Do you mind if I ask who the artists are and who did the editing? 

your pixel art is really cute!! 

And your CGI is very well done. 

Good job. 

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I've made a third sprite. 

Download Here

Another sprite sample.

I'm glad to hear you like it.  

Here are some more sprite samples.

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Hi everyone!!

I've started making some Free to Use visual novel sprites, just because I wanted to practice making sprites. 

So far I have only made two but I'm actually enjoying creating them.  The smallest of details can lead to another sprite in the pack.  Anyway, I just wanted to share these and see if I could get some feedback on them, specifically about their ANATOMY.  Anatomy is not my strong point, but it is something I am always trying to work on, so if anyone has any constructive criticism or feedback I like to hear them out.  

Download Here

Download Here

Awesome, just contact me when you are ready and we can discuss the details. 

Good luck with your current game =)

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Hey Yo and Hello everyone!

I'm a character artist with a bit of free time on my hands.  I'm looking for short projects to work on, mostly looking for Visual Novel projects.  Not accepting unpaid jobs at the moment, so please either be prepared to offer upfront payments or 50% upfront and 50% after completion  via Paypal using USD or AUD  currency. 

I can make chibi art, sprite art, and CG event art.  Files are saved as .png unless otherwise specified.  

Please have a story already in mind to pitch to me, I only join projects if I have an actually interest in what the game is going to be about.  I'm very interested in LGBTI+ stories, as well as anything fantasy related.  

Here is a quick price guide for upfront payments:

Flat Colour Single chibi $5

Full Colour Single chibi $10

extra expressions on chibi +$2

Thigh High Sprite with Three Expressions $20

Thigh High Sprite with Three Expressions and Extra Outfit  $30

Full Body Sprite with Three Expressions $30

Full Body Sprite with Three Expressions and Extra Outfit  $45

 extra expressions on sprites +$2

<thigh-up sprite="" +="" 3="" expressions="" 1="" extra="" outfit<="" strong="">CG - 1 character + simple pose + simple background $30

CG - 2 character + simple pose + simple background $40

extra expressions on CG +$3

dynamic poses +$5 to $10</thigh-up>

Feel free to negotiate prices if your project is on a budget.

My Portfolio

You can contact me  by replying to this post or via email: withoutpenorpaper@live.com 

Please put in your subject heading 'Artist Commission - [project name] - itch.io' so that I know it's not junk mail.

Art samples below.

<3 Red

I played this ages ago but only just rediscovered your itch.io profile.  I really enjoyed this game, it made me laugh and giggle.  And the artwork is absolutely amazing, it's very cute and simple but helps tell the story perfectly.  Great work on this!!