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This game is a masterpiece, incredibly well done.

Fairly simple but kept me playing for a while so definitely has an enjoyable core gameplay loop.

Some great pixel art and it was fun to be the captain of a pirate ship but I felt like the controls were a bit of a downside, specifically switching between characters. The game was a bit shallow but still a nice vertical slice for a short jam. Great job.

Very nice first game and definitely gets my vote for the best pun game.

Very cool game, felt really satisfying to punch and I loved the mind games of trying to work out which one of them is actually trying to kill you and working out strategies to find and kill them.

Also the player is definitely the bad guy in this game and the one in the crowd is trying to stop them from murdering countless innocent civilians.

Very nice visual aesthetic and the game was quite enjoyable for a little while, great job!

Definitely quite a challenging little puzzle game, it was quite fun to try to quickly wrap my head around the layout of the level. Why did the level exit have to be hidden though? I feel like the levels were difficult enough to not need the extra obfuscation of hiding the exit.

Very nice little game, quite simple but well done. I especially like the rapid fire bullet effect, was actually very satisfying to use.

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Yeah I actually spent most of the time on the fish behaviour and almost ran out of time to make a goal.

Sorry, but I watched my bro take a 118 point photo :P

Very smart game, kept me entertained and engaged the whole time. I would definitely be interested in played a fleshed out, complete version of the game.

It was a lot of fun to aim a long range  portal grenade and the shooting was really satisfying.

I did find it kind of sluggish with the movement and delay on the portal jump but I do understand why it's there.

Definitely kept me entertained for all the levels.

Very polished game, great visuals, very simple clever way to introduce the controls, some lovely visual effects.

The main issue for me is just not that interesting core game play. The charging up just felt slow and it was hard to dodge attacks when they were coming from off-screen. 

I do love the spike and enemy spawning visuals :)

Great use of the theme of dual purpose design with the bombs being movement options, moving blocks and activating your self destruct, very innovative.

I did have an issue with the bombs being inconsistent and quite had to control as well. Just dropping them in front of me and having them roll away made it difficult to control them the way I want and sometimes they would deal more damage to me and put me into self destruct when I didn't want or expect to.

A nice little theme and some promising ideas, great work!

I didn't have anyone else to play with but even just jumping around the field and manipulating the heights of the pillars was a lot of fun, I can only imagine how it would be trying to know others around and try to win. Great aesthetic and lots of fun movement options like trying to jump to a pillar too high and jumping off the walls.

This game is a fun challenge once you get used to the controls, interesting balance of health to attack and dash attacking. I feel like the arena itself wasn't super well optimised for the style of gameplay but that did also add to the challenge in a way. 

A lovely aesthetic as well and some great visual effects.

Great idea with having the controls being the puzzle you have to solve however the hard reset options wasn't working for me so I had to restart if I wanted to change the controls for that level.

Definitely a promising, brain warping game.

Lovely aesthetic and some fun moments with balancing heat, it was a bit limited but that's really always gonna be the case with a game jam. Some obstacles or goals would make balancing the heat around them more interesting I think.

Again, just a beautiful looking game.

I like the integration of all the elements of movement, shooting and walls to create interesting puzzles. As you said on the page it does require quick thinking even though it is turn based which is something you don't often see. It did become very hard quite quickly though, I think it would have benefited from being able to test the interactions with walls and alters in a safe environment, ie. without spikes in the way.

A promising little game indeed.

Goofy little game but I don't really see the point of the falling down phase of the game. The bricks don't seem to actually hinder you at all so you may as well wait for the whale to get to the bottom before making adjustments to catch it.

Still, kept me entertained for a couple of minutes.

I love the idea of the combination of pinball mechanics with a classic arcade game and the instrument theme is interesting but works well. I found my self playing quite a few games.

The gap between the flipper and the bumper being big enough for the ball is really quite annoying though, in pinball I'd usual rest the ball there with the flipper up to line up a shot. 

A great idea with solid execution.

Nice little arcade game, a little on the difficult side as enemies came really quickly and there was not much difficulty ramping.

Definitely gave me a fun challenge.

Very solid little score attack game, theme makes sense, quite fun for a short time.

It didn't seem like the game got any more difficult as it went on which would have made it more interesting.

I did like how you go into a last ditch mode when you lose all your balloons and fall faster than normal.

I love the theme, such a great use of the character for the game.

I did however feel like I had no control over the arms, I understand that was the point to have really abstract control over it but it just felt too abstract for me.

Still a great game none the less.

I absolutely love the idea, combining the enemy types to make your own power up is brilliant. 

And the decision to how to use the power up is great as well, either eating or using.

The main gulf for me was the controls, if you iron those out and maybe give more control over what enemies you choose to kill and some kind of indication as to what the food will be it would be amazing.

This is a lot harder than its simple aesthetic implies.

Very well designed, would be interesting with more attacks tied  to different movement combos.

I think it's to do with the disconnect of the mouse dashing and the keyboard moving, maybe if that was tied together like you dash in the direction you're moving or just leave a wall behind you continuously.

Great little cute game, easy to understand, simple loop, lovely.

I love the wrapping  that the game is in but I found it really hard to get my head around how moving interacts with the board. Maybe instead of colours a visual indicator of the value of each step would make it easier, like you have to line up heights to get out.

Very interesting idea but it was very hard to wrap my head around the dashing making a wall behind you. Felt a big clunky but a fun challenge.

Great game, beautifully tied together elements of puzzle as well as strategy.  A beautiful theme alongside  it give a great game.

Great dual purpose design with the shooting and reloading revealing your enemies but because of that it never really felt good to play for me because of the uncertainty of my shots.

Great visual aesthetic and sound design.

It feel nice and responsive to dash around the level and health limiting stamina which is healed by attacking the very enemies who damage you is a nice design. I did however feel quite unstoppable, like nothing could stop my and clicking quick fast barely used up my stamina and I would just kill anything in my way. Some more serious threats could make this much more enjoyable.

I enjoyed the combo based weapon/movement grappling but I feel like the platforms kept getting in my way of chaining big scores. Great little aesthetic there too.

I love the idea of the whip being both your movement and attack but it was just a bit too clunky to feel good. I did manage to make it out of the top though :)