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I really like this one!

Initially I thought it was just a simple little dodging game but it got way more interesting when you start repairing the cannons. I love how it transforms and ramps up the difficulty, changing it from the larger, slow asteroids to the more numerous but smaller bullets.

I love the little touches too like the employee report at the end, very flavourful!

I love the aesthetic and the little diorama of the mountain.

Unfortunately the gameplay is just not quite there for me. As other people said you can just spam rocks on the enemies without needing to use the other abilities which is a shame because they were the more interesting abilities. It also felt really uncertain as to where my abilities were actually being placed.

It's a great concept thought, just didn't quite land.

Yeah I've got a mobile build ready, I just wasn't able to debug it during the jam. I'll upload it once the jam is over.

Quite interesting movement, very floaty. It makes it really important to control your speed.

The physics on the bear and the tree branches is a nice touch too

I love the visuals of this game, especially the rising monster.

I feel like you should start with at least one bone so you have something to work with if you get an unlucky enemy spawn.

Great fun though, had me coming back for more!

I like the choice of killing enemies using either the grapple or the gun, the gun being safer but limited and the grapple being unlimited but with a chance to pull you into the enemy you were trying to kill.

Great visuals and a lot of depth to the gameplay, great job! 

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Really great game here, definitely the cleanest implementation of the one button climbing game. Great aesthetics, great sound effects and music.

My only gripes are the hitboxes are a little bit unforgiving and the post processing is a little bit much, made it hard to read some of the text.

I love the ticker at the bottom giving hints in a universe appropriate way, funny and informative without taking you out of the game.

Really nice theme and the graphics are really cohesive. A little simplistic and the platforming was a little finicky but it was a really nice length for replaying to get try to get the highest score.

I like that you get knocked down if you hit a snake instead of losing a life or dying. But I agree with others in that it lasts a bit too long and you often hit multiple snakes getting stunned again and again.

But it's a really nice little speedrunning platformer. Just the right length for practising the perfect run.

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You can click and drag anywhere in the screen so if you move the mouse back to the middle after every launch you should have plenty of room. But yeah thanks for the feedback! One thing I've learnt from previous game jams is to give the player room to practice before pilling on the difficulty. You tend to get quite good at your own game while testing it over the jam so you always think it's easier than it actually is.

Really well made game, great coherent graphics and sound effects, great level design.

I just couldn't get past the frustration of the controls. Obviously the game was designed to be very limited in how you could control it but the delay between each stick was just too long and was often the cause of my falls.

Still really love the game, it does an amazing job of what it was intending to do. I gave it full votes!

Very intriguing little game. A significant portion of the game actually was trying to figure out how to play it.

You said that you were inspired by Getting Over It and that the mechanics were hard and kind of arbitrary. I think you've misinterpreted what made Getting Over It so interesting. The controls in GOI were incredibly simple, move the mouse to aim the mallet. The complexity came from manoeuvring the mallet in a way that got you were you wanted to go. 

Not saying I didn't enjoy your game, I really did enjoy it! 

I was impressed by the variety of obstacles in the game, made it quite interesting.

The camera was a bit slow to follow you up in my opinion, it removed a strategy of more rapid, risky jumping.

I had quite a bit of fun with this, great job!

There's a surprising amount of content packed into this game with the unlockable skins and all the lore here and there.

I would have liked a bit more horizontal manoeuvrability but the timing challenge for the super jump was really fun.

I love the visual aesthetic of this game, it creates some great screenshots.

I found the pogo controls a little bit unwieldy, particularly getting stuck on the side of blocks.

Lots of fun!

Took a few attempts to work out that the fans were telling you the upcoming patterns but once I did it became a quite interesting memory and dexterity game. 

Good attempt at trying to make it more interesting to move but I found the best strategy was to just spam the left and right mouse button.

Really great art, sound, theme and music!

A strong, juicy game. I really appreciate the design of the health, i.e. having to get in the way of the helicopters to shoot them which puts you in danger of getting hit as well as the tower being another health bar which gets easier to defend the less health it has. Great design!

I will say I didn't enjoy having to spam the shoot button, I would have preferred to be able to hold it down to spare my fingers.

I liked the concept of a platformer where you have to constantly be pushing up. The jumping tied in nicely with that too, i.e. a long floaty jump with a lot of boost if you hold space.

I just didn't find the movement particularly enjoyable. It was a bit to slow with no momentum. Just needed a bit more depth in my opinion.

I like that you attempted to put in some story in a score attack game. Very interesting!

I liked the risk vs reward of going for the smaller target for more points or the larger target for an easier shot.

Definitely needed some more variety but I enjoyed just the simple goal of landing the hooks. 

I started to enjoy this game a lot more when I treated it sort of like a golf game. Trying to aim my swings to land on the next platform.

I feel like the score and lives didn't really mesh well. Like in between each shot I had to stop to grab all the orbs so I could get the highest score. I would have preferred a regular golf system with pars for each level and a score for your number under or over par at the end.

I loved the control of the pendulum and the aesthetic was lovely.

I appreciated the kind of flow state I got into when perfectly timing the grabs. You managed to get a lot out of just one button press. Great job!

I love the aesthetic, very clean and deliberate. It was initially quite satisfying to stack the cubes and watch them form but it felt quite slow and I didn't feel particularly challenged. Definitely a strong foundation though.

El Stretchopus community · Created a new topic Feedback

I'd love to hear any feedback you have for the game. If you could leave a rating that would be great too.

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El Stretchopus community · Created a new topic High scores
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Post a screenshot of your highest scores. Try to edit your previous post if you beat an older score.

I'd love to hear any feedback you have about the game

Hacky Sack City community · Created a new topic Changelog

Version 0.2.0 (Not really changes cus it's the first version but eh)


Fixed gui depth

Child gui elements activate parent's button script when pressed

Buildings no longer create a goal particle if the goal is already completed

Score particle are created where the building actually is

Updated score gui when a building is completed

Score is only updated when a completed building is pushed off the edge

Added clicking on gui elements

Camera Controls

Gave acceleration to side screen rotation

Fixed rotation momentum at low frame rates

Fixed far edge screen rotation on mobile device

Adjusted city rotation speed to gui_scale

Reduced city rotation speed

Removed tap rotation

Set up GUI for building selection


Put a flag on completed buildings

Buildings can be placed without moving the card

The game ends when an incomplete building is pushed off the edge

Removed completed buildings when pushed off the edge

Limited building travel to 3 tiles

Moving buildings push other buildings back

Same buildings stack on top of each other

Created building moving in appropriate direction

Set up building grid

Implemented different building types


The city now has ground drawn below it

Fixed some of the lag from drawing stacked sprites

Fixed buildings drawing from the ground up instead of the top down

Ground can have variable size

Implement stacked sprite graphics

Main Menu

Added version number

Changed menu to only be demo mode

Fixed menu buttons

Hacky Sack City community · Created a new topic Bugs

Known Bugs

  • Rare bug where 4 high buildings aren't completed
  • The player can place another building if they've won but the animation hasn't finished yet
  • Some buildings are placed diagonally
  • Buildings appear in the centre of the city for a frame when created
  • Fix Eiffel Tower model

This was a really cleanly designed puzzle platformer! It had a surprising amount of depth. I really like changing my shape to be able to complete different platforming challenges, such as hooking onto the platform with a block sticking out the side then jumping up (ie. level 15).

A few wrinkles needed to be smoothed out, such as the charging stations being a bit tall and getting the player caught on them. Also the music seemed to be playing from the left wall? So it was only in my left ear and stopped all together when I went too far to the right.

 This game was built around 2 really interesting mechanics that worked together really well and had some very well designed levels to bring out the best in the mechanics.

I love the concept of crafting your own fighting combos. I tried putting all my melee ones on the left and throwing stars on the right which seemed to work quite well.

I didn't understand the slots above the combos. I assume they were for crafting new abilities but I couldn't figure it out.

I had a fun with this. Great setting too.

I didn't finish it I'm afraid. I got frustrated in the section where you're chasing after the farmer.

I really liked this one. Super engaging the whole way through, really well paced, ramped up in difficulty at the perfect rate.

My one issue would be that there is no down time. It might be nice for example to be able to choose when you're ready to go down to the next planet. But the current way does maintain the frantic pace the whole time.

Seriously, I had a great time with this game. Great job!

Man, this is way harder than it looks.

Very ambitious to have so many different game types in the one game but they do build on each other nicely.

I found the hitboxes to be a bit stingy, that is there were times I felt I shouldn't have been hit but was.

But man the music was really good! Gave a lot of gravitas to the feeling of the game. Great job!

Very impressive for your first game, a lot of cohesive systems working together.

I had some issues with navigating the different menus, I feel like I spent a lot of time accidentally opening menus I didn't mean to. For example I often opened the energy core machines from behind my cargo menu.

I thought it was a cool idea to have the different scientists as your life counter, made it a lot more tangible and made you feel invested.

Definitely very technically impressive, a lot of systems working together.

Unfortunately I found it very slow and laborious to play and there wasn't much depth for me.

I loved the aesthetic, both visuals and audio, definitely a great mood.

Maybe you didn't wander far enough? There may or may not be something 30 seconds away after you finish the tutorial...

I really wanted to finish this one but I just couldn't get radioactive rush.

Still, it kept me engaged almost all the way, just a few little polishes could make it a lot better of an experience.

That was actually a lot of fun and quite funny in an understated kind of way.

The music got a bit repetitive and sometimes I'd lose my food if I dropped it on the crafting table.

But yeah, it was super endearing and I was very happy to play it. 

Froog community » Speedrun · Created a new topic 3:53.82

My best run after a handful of attempts. Plenty of room for improvement