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Yeah I'm sorry, there's memory leak issues in all versions of the game that I'd have to do some pretty fundamental changes to fix.

I'm considering developing it again and exploring the concept a bit more, making it more interesting than a random result. I'd love to hear any thoughts you have on it.

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Very well designed ans stylish game. I loved all the juice you jammed into the game.

I would have liked some more mechanics that benefited from the gravity switching however there's only so much you can do in a short time and this definitely is a great prototype.

One of my favourites so far, great job!

Very cute little game. I managed to beat the boss and died straight afterwards but luckily I still won.

I would have preferred some more depth in the multiple player mechanics but understandably you were quite limited in the time to work on it.

It was neat to see your thoughts on making them game from your video, I had a very similar mindset and change of mind while making my own game.

Brilliant punchline at the end to top it all of. I had a great time the whole way through. True to form as always Lonebot.

I fell like this game is fun because it is frustrating however I'm not a fan of the frustration from the misaligned enemy hit boxes. Being unable to tell when it's safe to jump ruined it for me. I love the concept though and would like to play a more focused version.

This is so dumb, I love it so much. This is brilliant.

Spoilers: I love it so much when the wall leaves. So funny.

Very funky game, great fun to try to figure out how to move. I love the outline style of visuals. Very cool

Definitely a neat concept and twist on a text adventure, I couldn't really progress but I can see the potential.

Really fun to just throw yourself around the level, definitely has the core of something good.

Yeah we definitely leant into the casual puzzle side of the game early into play testing. The theme we went for was a Shopping game but without Currency.

The prompt we went with was a Shopping game but without Currency and I'm glad you liked it.

Interesting idea but a little finicky to control. I really like the look of the title screen but was completely thrown off by the actual game not matching that at all.

It was a lot of fun to race around and just dodging the bullets and watching them scatter off your shield behind you.

This was quite fun but I would have preferred a bit more fluidity with the grappling controls. It was a bit too difficult to make it do what i wanted it to.

Interesting idea and a neat wireframe aesthetic.

This is very neat, I wouldn't have thought that the lack of rhythm would have such an effect on difficulty. Great aesthetics but not particularly replayable mainly because it's not easy to start a new run.

I love it!

Very interesting and pretty fun, obviously the lack of cursor took away a bit of the fluidity once you get the grappling hook but I enjoyed it anyway.

Very juicy effects and nice level design, great job.

Definitely kept me entertained for a while, solid little arcade game.

I love the premise, a conscientious vampire who has to hurt himself to survive. Obviously a very short game but there were some decent puzzle elements. I did find the platforming a little frustrating, it was very easy to slide off the edge of a block and not be able to jump.

Strong theme, good music, I enjoyed the animations, great job.

A lovely little piece of interactive fiction. Not particularly in depth but definitely conveys a strong message in a concise way. 

Yeah I had planned to have a super laser you could shoot by pressing the B button but rhn out of time to do it. I do like the idea of recharing the shield though, that would add some nice complexity.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Nice catchy title to draw you in then immediately dash your expectations but still provide you with a long term goal, very neat design.

Some of the functions were a bit unclear what they did but it was very fun to build up functions to solve puzzles but essentially changing the rules of the game.

Very nice little meta game which had plenty of great "Aha" moments.

Very neatly polish tower defence game with a nice little bonus of having to constantly resupply your towers with ammo.

I do have to be a little harsh though because this fell into a lot of the traps that I feel really restricts tower defence games, the tower choices felt arbitrary, the enemies barely made it past the first corner but if they did it would have been an instant loss, the clicking mechanic while interesting at first quickly became mindless spamming and didn't end up adding anything to the gameplay.

Also I'm not really seeing much of the meta theme in the game at all.

It's on the verge of being a great, tower defence genre breaking game.

The balancing was very smooth though and it had really nice sprites and music.

I love the rapid pace the game scales up at and the choices are some solid humour.

I would have preferred a bit more nuance in the pricing and even item choices and there wasn't much feedback to let me know how I was going.

Definitely got a few good laughs out of me.

Haha very accurate commentary on the jam lifestyle.

I feel like the core gameplay was too simplistic though, if there was some kind of strategy or higher goal rather than just filling up a progress bar I would have enjoyed it more.

Great sound design and very nice backgrounds and humour.

Quite a fun little commentary on clickers and loot boxes but almost confirms why they are so popular because even this dumbed down "game" was quite addicting and satisfying.

I feel like the interface was a little bit lacking, some of the upgrades could have been done with fewer clicks and unlocked/locked things could have been highlighted better. Also I would have preferred to be able to tell easier when one of the loot box rewards was one I didn't have already.

A very clean, satisfying and fun loot box clicker.

Very cool, incredibly meta game. I didn't even know you were able to do half of the things this game did to my computer.

I loved the mouse cursor platformer section, low key blew my mind.

I did get stuck on the screen dragging section and ended up losing the game screen somewhere outside of my window and couldn't use any of the standard windows techniques to get it back so I had to start again.

Also I go stuck for a while when your screen goes entirely black and from pressing random buttons I ended up pressing f3 which appears to be a legacy debug mode still in the game which ended up crashing it and I was stuck without a background or task bar until I could get back to that section and beat it. Any issues had their annoyance magnified due to the temporary damage the game caused to my system.

I would have preferred a clearer ending, I had to check the walkthrough on your channel to check if I was actually done.

All in all an incredible experience, very mind blowing and a lot of fun.

I enjoyed the comedic value of it however I think you could have used the ridiculous APM while still being able to see what was going on such as clicking on an empty space builds something there and clicking on a building empowers it in some way.

Nothing can take away from the few minutes of laughter I had with it though, great job!

Haha yeah the moon walking thing was a bug and I wanted to keep it because it was pretty neat but I had to remove it to fix a different issue.

Thanks for the feedback and if you do wanna play the secret level you just have to beat both the games, they're easier now and I reckon the bonus level is worth it.

This game is a masterpiece, incredibly well done.

Fairly simple but kept me playing for a while so definitely has an enjoyable core gameplay loop.

Some great pixel art and it was fun to be the captain of a pirate ship but I felt like the controls were a bit of a downside, specifically switching between characters. The game was a bit shallow but still a nice vertical slice for a short jam. Great job.

Very nice first game and definitely gets my vote for the best pun game.

Very cool game, felt really satisfying to punch and I loved the mind games of trying to work out which one of them is actually trying to kill you and working out strategies to find and kill them.

Also the player is definitely the bad guy in this game and the one in the crowd is trying to stop them from murdering countless innocent civilians.

Very nice visual aesthetic and the game was quite enjoyable for a little while, great job!

Definitely quite a challenging little puzzle game, it was quite fun to try to quickly wrap my head around the layout of the level. Why did the level exit have to be hidden though? I feel like the levels were difficult enough to not need the extra obfuscation of hiding the exit.

Very nice little game, quite simple but well done. I especially like the rapid fire bullet effect, was actually very satisfying to use.

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Yeah I actually spent most of the time on the fish behaviour and almost ran out of time to make a goal.

Sorry, but I watched my bro take a 118 point photo :P

Very smart game, kept me entertained and engaged the whole time. I would definitely be interested in played a fleshed out, complete version of the game.

It was a lot of fun to aim a long range  portal grenade and the shooting was really satisfying.

I did find it kind of sluggish with the movement and delay on the portal jump but I do understand why it's there.

Definitely kept me entertained for all the levels.

Very polished game, great visuals, very simple clever way to introduce the controls, some lovely visual effects.

The main issue for me is just not that interesting core game play. The charging up just felt slow and it was hard to dodge attacks when they were coming from off-screen. 

I do love the spike and enemy spawning visuals :)