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I lost my motivation and I could not finish it :< .And because of school works. anyway, i had a lot of fun making a game for brackeys game jam !! but still, can't finish it. i hope you guys can make it !! :> goodluck!!

2d for mee,i'm more comfortable making games in 2d :>


i always wonder how does sokpop makes the artstyle, pixel-ish elements and all!! 

nice pixel art


thanks for the feedback, really appreciated. the game works well with my pc;  maybe i need to test my games  on some other pc.

it's a good puzzle! :> and it's cute .

sorry for that bug. and sorry for not telling that you need to press r to restart . i'll polish the game soon :> thanks for playing!! <3 

gucio devs please make more games!! you are an inspiration to me. :>

thank you for letting me know. :> i'll try to upload the update for this prob. :>

 i'm not sure :> but i think it can be any version of the gameboy.

good game concept ! <3

nice!! haha :>

i'll use unity for my game. :> 

nice game! 

thank you for playing!! <3 maybe i should make more modes ! haha :> 

nice game!!! :>