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nope Bb:))

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-> :)

it is, remember when CyndaquilDAC made a Polarized (I think it was that) Baldi and it waa removed because it was stolen (someone else done it) and he didn't know (he denied them being the same)

It's called stealing but without knowing.

Wtf that doesn't remotely make sense

If I made a "Luigi Fan's Basics" it would be stolen because the new stole the old.

Smh because the actual idea is stolen from, which still makes it theft lololol

Recreated? He literally told me in dms that he never heard of Baldi Unreal, so it has to be theft

Why did you steal the Fix em minigame from Baldi Unreal 4?

You HAD to ruin Billy's basics by shamelessly porting it to 1.4.3

Please credit the proper people. But the mod is good

Guys don't be desperate it'll come out soon. Be patient 12 year olds

imagine advertising on the full game demo page

1.4.3 isnt compatible with decompiles. Also i don't know how to port these to android


How did you make the map? DId you do it from scratch?

SIDE NOTE: MediaGamesGuide played this. that's yeet!

I actually don't know, also i didn't recognize you cause not really in the community

Thanks, it's suppose to be inspired by Glittertime

lol it is kinda suppose to be hard with all the changes.