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Realm of Glory

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The progress is cool.

It is pretty wild actually :)

You make such legit art! They are all soooo cool!

Looks pretty neat

These are actually really nice! I am amazed at what you have created.

It is fun to hear about the updates.

Very nice looking. I like the feel of how the wood floor looks.

This seems like a pretty neat tool. I don't use game maker but this kinda makes me wish I did.

I think I remember that, or at least finding you when you had only 1 or 2 items. Keep at all the work!

It is impressive how extensive your published pixel work is getting.

It is nice that you take the time to share.

Very nice looking. Has a rather unique feel to the coloration. It both looks familiar and different at the same time.

The backwall with lots of texture reminds me of tree bark, just an observation. I do feel like the textured wall runs the risk of conflicting visually with actors (player/foes/items) by creating a lot of visual noise.

If you use something more akin to the plainer backwall, then you could add occasional terrain backwall. Maybe a large crack, tunnel entrance, cave painting, under emphasized rock in the wall, etc. I think this could help a cave environment be more memorable and navigable. 

It is impressive how all these tiles look when combined.

I like your art.

The boss reveal animation was nicely done.

Nice Nice

It was a nice game.

That would be an interesting story. Who would be the ghosts then?

It is easy to find things in retrospect that should have been added or left out.  I think it can be easy as a developer to forget that new players don't know what you know. I remember the first tactics game I played. I didn't know I could select different party members by pressing R & L. I played the first five or so missions with only one character and a 'guest' character. Eventually, I felt I was missing something because I could find more people than I could deploy in the equipment menu. 

I think I eventually searched the manual and found a tip on how to select different people. It was long enough ago I don't really remember how I found the answer to my problem, but I did have to look it up.

I guess that is the value of doing little projects like this. You can quickly learn developer lessons.

I liked the tutorial you gave. It was very easy to understand.

That was nice to play. Makes me wonder what the backstory is.


I assumed my money going up meant I got paid but a $ or something could have been nice, too. 

I noticed that you start with 1 sword and materials to make 2 more so that is where the clicking starts from. The boxes you build are used only to make items. It turns out the background boxes are actually a key part of the interface and those show what your inventory actually is. You can also buy items from there as well.

I assume the master play is to buy the cheap items and build the more expensive ones.

Took me a bit but I got it. The break through was noticing that clicking the boxes opened up my inventory and I could order items through there.

I never could wrap my brain around straightening out after a turn. I seem to be conditioned to expect letting go of the key to let me go straight. I think having a graphic show how much I am turning would help. I think even having a bar with a square in it would help. Turning left the square moves left in the bar and as you 'right' yourself it moves back towards the center.

I find that my mind has a hard time with the land not moving relative to the camera. When I go driving, the world changes relative to my eyes (the camera). To play this game I would have to rewire how I think.

I hope the feedback is handy. I don't have an issue with the game--the controls just don't match how my brain works.

I could see this being in a game with an Advance Wars sort of feel. Got to keep the factories supplied.

That was nice to play. I did better than I was expecting.

The planet spinning effect was real trippy. I am rather fond of pseudo 3d effects.

I think it must have been some form of handheld like that. It feels very familiar though I never had a game & watch.

Same. It took me a moment to figure out what was going on. At first I thought I was suppose to click the red bombs and wondered why they didn't make bullets. I just got it backwards in my head. Fun once I got that sorted out.

I did. When I played, I wiped out all the monsters on the first level and I thought that was a whole game, haha. I was much surprised when the options multiplied!

That was way more chaotic than I was expecting. So many bugs.

Very cute. I like it.

Same... but it had an evil yeti I could never outrun.

A way cuter game than I was expecting. I thought it would be like that google dinosaur game where the land moved. This was a surprising challenge. How you moved the yellow orbs was very clever and I actually expected them to all slowly drift across the sky. They did not do that!

A pleasant little game :)

You did a nice job capturing the feel of older games. It could be a mini-game for a party game or it could also fit in an adventure RPG.

It is interesting how things evolve. Never quite know what will grow from experiments.