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Hello, these assets inspired me to create a mini-game with. It can be played in the browser here.

It seems to me that in almost all levels it is possible to win without having to rotate the pieces, but I am not sure that is the case for all. In any case very good puzzle game with super chill soundtrack!

I can’t take a screenshot because at the time of the freeze, it makes me lose focus on the game window (and all the others explorer windows), and therefore the screenshot does not work. The precise moment of the freeze occurs when the image of Scarlet is in full screen (after the loading bar), at the moment when it begin to appear in low opacity.

The new version v0.03 has still the display problem on my system (this time, it freezes directly at title screen), but finally I found a way to fix it by launching it in Windows 8 compatibility mode.

For some strange reason I can’t play the downloadable game, the screen freezes after loading as soon as it starts. I hear the music and sounds (controls work too), what I can only do is refresh the display by doing alt-tab, but it freezes again immediately. I’m using an Nvidia Shield that streams locally, it must be because of that :/

Thank you for sharing. This is a very good collection, all the games I’ve tried so far have really good gameplay. Have you thought about adding gamepad compatibility? It would be a good addition, for my part I use joy2key to substitute the lack. Anyway congratulations

I loved this walk, it’s inspiring and the art is remarkable

A really nice game! I loved the Art and Music, and I was especially impressed that it was done all in JS. Only issue for me is that I didn’t find out the books to go further in the game… I will surely try it again because it makes me want to play longer.

a solid and enjoyable puzzle game with a good learning curve, congratulations on making it in 24h

glad you liked it and thanks for the let’s play:)

If you want a smooth result, I recommend to use MODE 3 in your case. This will allow your film to keep in sync and add only the missing frames.