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Wow, I really liked this game. It looks beautiful and the atmosphere is on point! The music was amazing, but I'm glad you let it fade out to silence. Super creepy. Just great :).

I couldve definitely added sound/music, but it was sorta late and I had school... excuses excuses. Also I am in the extremely early stages of making a game with this concept, so I'm glad I got your support on that!

Thank you so much for the comment! I'm really looking forward to that video now :). 

Wow, that was pretty awesome. It's quite hard to critize however, so I'm just gonna list a few good/bad things.

The graphics were really nice. I know it's just xkcd-style, but it looked very pretty. The mood and ambience was really good. 

I loved the music as its own entity, but I did feel like it was just a bit out of place in the game. 

The simplistic controls were very fitting (more complexity wouldn't have worked), buut it did feel just a tad too slow and linear. Also I think it would work better if the barrel moved by itself after the whirlpool, but that's just my opinion.

It's really cool that you made a "deep" and more meaningful game, when it's so easy to just make something funny or action-packed. I hope you do more of that :).

TLDR: Overall I really liked the game and can definitely recommend it (it only takes a couple minutes for gods sake!)

hhaha yeaah. You pretty much hit all the key issues I wanted to fix with the post jam version (+ add a boss fight), it really sucks when you run out of time and cant do everything but hey thats the point right. Thank you for your feedback, it was helpful and I'll be taking it into account when creating the postjam game!