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Awesome game!

I really got absorbed and spent a bit over an hour before finally beating it :).

Overall I felt the balancing was quite good! (although the strategy I found for my final try was probably a bit OP)

I also really enjoyed the art style and game feel, which made the game super satisfying. 

That said, I had a lot of nitpicks, which would make the game better if fixed:

* Sometimes hard to tell if cathedral piece was built or not

Mostly edges; why can I still hover over the square if I can't build there???

Buying feels sluggish:

- Why does it exit buy mode when run out of resources? Maybe I wanna keep clicking cus I know I'll generate the resources needed in 1 second.

- Maybe wait to deduct resources until item is placed? I swear I've bought at least 5 spawners without placing them.. (might be placebo, but it feels bad)

- Elevators often just don't get placed even when I have the money. Feels like I'm somehow clicking wrong???

- Can't keep continuously buy some items: mines, quarries, deleting. All will only let me do 1 before exiting buy mode.

Accidently got a deadlock: A bit into the game, I had 0 faith and was desperately trying to build the cathedral, but I "reached worker cap". In hindsight I think my low faith was corrupting dwarves the moment they spawned! (also I didn't get what corruption did until after finishing the game).

I wrote a lot of negative things there, but only because I know that's what you want from a playtest. I really did enjoy it loads! 

Looking forward to more from yall :)

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Nope, there's only 1 version.

What resolution are you playing at? I just tried running the game in 1366x768 and the black and green window ends up outside the bounds of the screen...

This is a gamejam game, so I guess I forgot about UI scaling, when I made it.

Edit: I tried fixing it, but unfortunately, the Unity version is too old and I can't open the project any more. 

My internet is abysmal atm, so I can't get the old version, but I'll try again, when I'm somewhere with better internet :). 

Oh! When you open the hacking interface, it's already there by default. 

You can't actually type in it though, it's just for receiving messages.

You use the 'Esc'-key to bring up the hacking interface :).

Okay, thanks for the bug report :)

Okay, so it looks like the browser build error was probably caused by unity's webgl implementation. It should be fixed by clearing your browser cache or trying a different browser. I also uploaded a new browser build with a minimal template, maybe it'll work?

As for the downloadable, that is a bit more confusing. There's no reason for it not to work. I've uploaded a new build with some slightly tweaked settings, but it's pretty hard to debug when it doesn't happen on my end.

Hope it works :).

Hmm, that's odd, it works perfectly on my computer

Could you tell me a little bit about your system? OS, browser, maybe some specs. That'd help a lot :).

Wow, thanks for playing! I can't believe you can just wait, while letting the demands fluctuate like that. I guess that's what happens when you don't playtest... Super interesting to see :)!

Aaah, that actually makes perfect sense.

Great execution on a simple idea, exactly what a great gamejam entry should be :).

The aesthetic of the game is super interesting and fit well with the music. The gameplay was almost awesome, but the shoot on release thing kinda ruined it a bit. I never used the shield, so I think binding the shield button to shoot instead, would've been better. Anyway, great entry :)!

At first I thought I was supposed to be going somewhere, but I figured it out eventually. The game felt great to play, and is a seriously impressive feat for just one day! 

Thank you! I'm glad you stuck with it :).

Awesome game, made good use of the buttons. All the main gameplay was extremely satisfying. Blood effects and coins being vacuumed up, so good. The upgrade menu was a little annoying though, why do you buy with RMB? Are you a blender-guy? JK, great game :).

Thank you! Yep, balancing the time was reaaally hard, but I'm glad you found some enjoyment in it anyway :).

Wow, I really liked this game. It looks beautiful and the atmosphere is on point! The music was amazing, but I'm glad you let it fade out to silence. Super creepy. Just great :).

I couldve definitely added sound/music, but it was sorta late and I had school... excuses excuses. Also I am in the extremely early stages of making a game with this concept, so I'm glad I got your support on that!

Thank you so much for the comment! I'm really looking forward to that video now :). 

Wow, that was pretty awesome. It's quite hard to critize however, so I'm just gonna list a few good/bad things.

The graphics were really nice. I know it's just xkcd-style, but it looked very pretty. The mood and ambience was really good. 

I loved the music as its own entity, but I did feel like it was just a bit out of place in the game. 

The simplistic controls were very fitting (more complexity wouldn't have worked), buut it did feel just a tad too slow and linear. Also I think it would work better if the barrel moved by itself after the whirlpool, but that's just my opinion.

It's really cool that you made a "deep" and more meaningful game, when it's so easy to just make something funny or action-packed. I hope you do more of that :).

TLDR: Overall I really liked the game and can definitely recommend it (it only takes a couple minutes for gods sake!)

hhaha yeaah. You pretty much hit all the key issues I wanted to fix with the post jam version (+ add a boss fight), it really sucks when you run out of time and cant do everything but hey thats the point right. Thank you for your feedback, it was helpful and I'll be taking it into account when creating the postjam game!