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Very nice! Never ended up getting caught. Also I'll be honest, It wasn't scary. I think if the monster made a scarier sound it would be way more terrifying. Other than that, fantastic work! Loved it!

Maybe try the new build? I may have fixed it, I really want to see that skit!

Awesome video! Thanks for pointing out that spelling error,  I can't believe I missed that! Hope to see more from you in the future!

Are the black screens happening in-game or only when you record? 

Thank you so much! I can say I got a lot of inspiration from The Blaire Witch Project! It's one of my favorite horror movies, (that and The Legend of Boggy Creek). I'm trying to build up tons of tension before the game really gets started! I think that your comment and video proves my theory that I've done good up to this point. Once again, thank you so much and you've earned your name in the credits. :)

Thank you!

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Thank you so much! The sequence with Ethan is in fact a glitch and I am fixing it now.  There will be a patch in a few minutes, and you have earned your name in the credits! Thanks again!

The game is fixed! :)

Thank you so much! I'll update it tonight with that fix!

New update is out. Maybe that will fix it?

Can you be more specific? Does the game itself not open or does it give an error on opening. If it just won't open, that is an issue with your computer, not the game. If it's an error please screenshot and post it so I can fix it for the players. Thanks :)

Same here.