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Hi there! This game is a single player 3D platformer for Android phones and tablets.

It contains ten stages and four bosses, collectibles, one hidden (but useful) skill and other surprises! Once you've beaten a stage, you can replay it again using the "Stage Selector" mode!

Choose your favourite character and start your adventure today!

Check it!

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I know submissions are closed, but like others said, Racial Equality Bundle kept them open after going live. 

You closed this too soon. Many of us didn't notice until now, so please, reconsider. 

Here's mine, just in case:

Thanks for doing this anyway. 

Edit: I'm just going to giveaway my game for as long as this bundle is live.

Nice plugin. Took me around an hour to configure everything, but now it works great. The documentation is very well explained indeed.


Hi there! Space Battalion Alpha has just been released!. It's a short and simple shoot'em up. It's meant to be easy. And it's on sale for a few days!

It has three modes (Campaign, Level Select, and Survival). In Campaign mode you'll fight your way through ten levels. Level Select allows you to play any previously cleared level (or boss) and Survival will keep you fighting against an increasing wave of enemies while trying to reach the best score.

All modes are up to 4 players in couch coop!

Here's an image:

Here's a link to the page: