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You're welcome!

This was short, but it was pretty good! Though, the rating description on the "case" probably should have included "Language" or "Strong Language," since the character swears at the beginning. But other than that, I  thought the game was pretty good! I also liked the way the game over sequence happens.

This was a pretty fun game! I had some trouble trying to figure out some of the puzzles, specifically the bookshelf one, but other than that it was a pretty enjoyable game! I also really liked the Game Boy aesthetic.

Ok, thanks for telling me!

So, I was wondering, how long did this game take to make?

I made a video for this game... I still haven't beat night 3, either.

You're welcome!

This is a nice game! Even though there aren't really any animations for the characters, it has some pretty good gameplay, and I also like the character sprites. Also, what did you use to make this game?