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What's your point?

Phu! I mean, for us n00bs that are just starting out with game dev. that would have probably been... impossible? :D Well, not necessarily, but definitely harder for sure. So I for one like those bendy rules a lot more, I don't think the goal here should be creating an emulator for this thing :)

don't think inkscape is very easy to work with, look at my other comment: https://itch.io/post/56362

Is this guideline official? Are you one of the organizers? I would like to know some of the organizers thoughts on this matter, especially because I've seen in multiple places now that the "keep it as GB as you can" isn't really enforced. Also if you go all out on the specifics why nothing about audio/sound?

Not me, I'm new to gamedev. and jam, I'm sure I'll cook up like the worst thing ever :)

krita + https://gumroad.com/l/krita-brushes-gdquest-lite (includes 3 pixel art brushes) + https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJSttJeQFQuNV4a4d2YMgpxfTWaJ1rsWo (set-up from scratch & example) + https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmnpKQITm3I will get you on the right track (maybe) <- all free

This doesn't answer the question about the resolution :)

Yes, exactly, I came here to ask exactly this if we're allowed to stretch the viewport or something since... you know 160 x 144 on PC for example could be super tiny if you HD or superHD resolution or whatever it's called.

@joemag these invites you're sending have an expiry date, be sure to check "set this link to never expire" before you copy it

Look at the end of this talk to get "thy this is so hard" https://itch.io/jam/gbjam-5/topic/40657/how-is-this-working. Also don't assume that we all know how these gameboy things worked...

I'm also interested in this, this whole color business is super confusing for beginner game-jammers and especially people that never played on these devices

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Hm! I think the rules should be more explicit about this since if you were to take it literally you'd think only 4 colors for the entire game... so! It does say "Use 4 colors per game" not... "per level"

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Yep, my first as well

Godot :)

Thanks, that clears up things! I wouldn't start the developing before the jam starts, but I definitely need to do some research as this would be my first game and I don't know if I'm able to do it in 10 days... :). Hope that's not breaking the spirit of the jam! I don't like being the "cheat" :P

Created a new topic how is this working?

Hello fellow virtual entities!

I'm new with game jams in general and I want to be sure about some things:

1. does 4 colors mean, 4 colors on top of the 2 white and black non-colors? example: white, black, red, green, blue, yellow, would this be allowed?

2. can there be shades of these colors? say have red and play with saturation or luminosity?

3. what's stopping us from starting developing the game today? how does this work exactly? do we need to start building the game when the jam starts? or can we gather resources and start developing on it right away and just have it submitted during the 10 days?

I'm Razvan Radulescu, razvanc-r around the web and pretty much unknown as I've only been lurking in the virtual shadows but I'm trying to make my way towards game dev. somehow :). I'm a fan of Godot and would like to use this engine, but it can't export for gameboy, would it be enough to just have the specific resolution and the color thing?

Thanks for all the help!