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So cool! Thanks for the kind words and for sharing your sheets.

Thanks for all the great feedback! Read my development debrief and future plans:

Thank you so much. And that's a perfectly good and accurate criticism. Trying to cram wargame rules into three 1/4 pages was probably overly-ambitious. But it was fun! At this point I will be running/playing the game for a while; but will probably release an updated book at some point, perhaps in digest size. (But still a small zine! I don't want to bloat it.)

Thanks for making this one! There aren't enough caveman games around. :) Very cool. Now I can pay Ringo Starr - er I mean Atouk - trying to convince Lana I am the best choice in the year One Zillion BC – October 9th.

A really cool iteration of Tunnel Goons for the (slightly 'weird') old west. I love the additional rules in concept; can't wait to test them at the table. And I dig adding stuff like swamp demons and giant ants along side cougars and rattlers. Great use of public domain photos. (Source credit for those would have been a nice touch.)  Clean layout. Good font choices. Well done!

Ah! I missed how quickly you recover it. Yeah. I get it. The grind of constantly looking for sources to replenish it. 

This game is awesome. I love the look and feel, the theme, the backgrounds... All great stuff. If there is something missing from the game it's the "why" -- why characters are traveling the aetherway, but of course that's something supplied by the players relative to their character's backgrounds and probably a matter over which the GM will pose questions. NEATO.

A lot of effort was poured into this design. Frankly, I'm not sure I have totally grasped it yet, but I like a lot of what I'm seeing right off. Card decks being used to randomize rooms and items, a "map" built out of cards, lots of pre-generated scenes and objects Great use of public domain art. 

Haha! This one caught me off guard. I was expecting cavemen along the line of the cheesy Ringo Starr movie. But the reference is to Plato's The Cave and the "action" in the game is about one's capability for coping with new ideas. You are a philosopher of a sort. Your memory is your Goons "inventory" and your Goons "health" is their certainty. So clever! Also, I love that cover illustration. :)

The graphic design/layout is amazing. I wonder about Endurance as a mechanical pool, since you lose it both when you spend up to improve a roll and when you take damage. Seems like it will go too fast. But maybe when I play I'll see my fears are groundless. So many different things you could do with this setup! Cool. 

Great and unique theme. Ambitious design. Top notch graphics and layout. Pretty cool entry for the Goon Jam. At first I thought the game looked pretty abstract, but once I walked through a scene in my head (using the cool scene generator), I realized how charged and specific each of the 9 scenes prescribed by the game could be. VERY cool ideas here. 

Nice looking layout. Cool theme. I really like the addition of the clock die for this scenario!

Nice looking layout, fun setting. I dig the things you have done with the equipment and spell lists and I especially like the idea of guarding a place against intrusion as a starting point for a session. Also, I want a trained ossifrage!

Just saw yours today and haven’t read it yet, but I would say the same about caveman RPGs!!

You're welcome.

What an incredible little production this is! It's beautiful. It seems useful at the table. It explores an interesting and under-represented genre. Great stuff.