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Awesome! Thank you for posting this.

Um. I guess I forgot to put it up? How rude of me. Give me about 10 minutes and it will be in the downloads above.

This is a cool little pamphlet game!

The license is CC-BY-NC-SA. So you can share it (and derivatives of it) - with credit - for non-commercial (can't sell it) - under the same license. As long as you follow those rules you can do whatever you like. I have funny feelings about bringing in rules from another Tolkien inspired game. I'm still sorting that out. I requested access to your doc and will probably have a clearer mind once I read it. But again, the license allows you to do stuff, regardless of what I think. :)

Little ones.

Oh, and included the markdown file ... chef's kiss.

Really nice presentation. Super clean. You pack a lot of flavor into it too! My only complaint - while I like the little doo-dad filler graphics I want them to be bones. :)


That’s awesome to hear!! Thanks for sharing. Of course the real credit I’m sure goes to you as the GM. :)

New version up. See the Dev Log or just download the new files. All changes made were cosmetic.

Did I mention that Shawn Medero made a VERY COOL online version of the Oracle - click and get your answers.

Thanks, James!

Of course. Good to "see" you Art!

Ha. Yeah.  I updated it the. And made the dev log entry but accidentally left it in draft, not published. I noticed it today while updated Books & Bullets. 

Ummmm. When were you going to email everyone and tell them you had a book coming out!!!!!!!!! Gah. I just stopped by Games Omnivorous and saw it. Insta-buy.

That's really good to know. I'll re-download it and check it out.

Not sure how I missed this .... 2 years ago. I just use 4,5,6. So it's either low, normal, or high stability instead of trying to "score" the stability in more shades.

Reviewed it on my podcast. Spoiler: I loved it:

(1 edit)

Is this in print anywhere? I totally dig it. I guess it's short enough I can just print it out myself. :P Patreon post. There was one little thing you got incorrect about the rules in play, but it didn't matter all that much -- see the post. I enjoyed watching you play. Especially when you spent several Fate points and still failed. It was fun seeing you get excited about the fiction. 

Awesome! Thank you. Listening in now. 

Awesome. Thank you. 

Thanks Reese! Always cool to hear that it's doing someone some good or at least getting their creative juices flowing.

Did I never reply to this? Certainly you can.

Wait. Did you mean to post that comment here or on Gygax 75?

Will do! Or at least I'll put out an announcement here that will email all the people who have downloaded it. Thanks for the nudge; I should do this soon. 

I agree! 

BTW, I occasionally think about a new version of this game. I wouldn't change it much. I would likely add a stack of poker chips to represent "level" and introduce stunts - which would be sorcerous things you have done in the fiction before and for which you are automatically an expert. The levels would start at 3 and increase by 1, up to a max of 10 or 12. Each level would represent one "hurt" you could take before going out of action (not hit points at all, but rather fictional conditions representing harm).

yes and yes!

If you ever feel like riffing on it and putting out an edition with your own art ... well ... that would be bonkers-awesome. :)

How bizarre. I thought I uploaded an Italian translation. I have removed it and will go looking to see if I just linked the wrong file. Thank you! Hmmmm. Solo. My wheels are turning. Of course it's a Creative Commons license, so you could make such a supplement too/instead!!

I do. I get notifications anyway. :) I don't really have any strong thoughts on solo play in general, but for insights I guess you have to - from the character's standpoint - think about what it would be useful to know. Then ask the question. Then maybe roll a d6. On a 1-3 you find out something that isn't particularly useful or good/bad. On a 4-5 you find out something useful, but it complicates the situation. On a 6 it's useful and makes everything easier. Example: You are fighting a creature and can't seem to hurt it. You get an insight though. On a 1-3 you might learn that it is a creature from a cold climate. On a 4-5 you might learn that it's hide is impervious to mundane weapons. On a 6 you might learn that it has an instinctual fear of fire. Remix the odds as they seem good to you. :)

I’m just now catching up to your messages. A Russian translation is super cool. Do you still need some kind of raw text file? I’m guessing not. The original is an accordion fold in four columns. Fold it back and forth and at the end fold it over once in the horizontal axis to get the cover on one side and char sheet in the back. Perhaps not an ideal format. 

New translation! Clemens Meier has this to say about his effort in converting the doc. "I stayed with your accordion fold layout, but since translation into German blows up the text by about 25%, I've had to reduce the font size a bit and switch around parts of enumerations where I thought I could get away with it to make it fit the line breaks better. Then I put it on A3 paper (11.7×16.5 inches) and I think it looks fine."

LOVED it. (I waited on the physical copy to read it.) I just released a review of it on my garage style podcast - Talking Codex R, an unusual bestiary/setting with a kaleidoscopic totalitarian vibe.

NM. Found it. I bought it at Rooks Press.

This is an excellent little zine. I bought a physical copy but now I don't know where I bought it from and want to mention it on my podcast. Were you selling it through Spear Witch or Exalted Funeral before?

When I saw the art for this, I literally jerked my head backwards in impressed reaction! So cool looking. I can't wait to read it.