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Thank you!
The big birds are called Chimangos, it's a quite common type of falcon here in Argentina. They're not easily scared and kinda aggressive, so we thought pop corn wouldn't make them go away :P
Thanks for playing!

I really like this concept!
The graphics are simple but so good.
The game is smartly hard and refreshing.

I played this with my brother. Really cool game!
The concept is not new, but really well executed!

Man, polish this and re-release.
This is the most original concept I've seen lately.
The goal of the game is to destroy the road, but still running through it, so the game is made harder every time!
Great job here

Oof. That guy is creepy.
I loved the running little guy!

The art style was amazing. Great job!

I loved the ads in the background!

It's eat or be eaten!
Nice really concept here.
Paying with blood felt like a transmutation ritual

Great puzzle game!
It's so rewarding to solve it :)

Gosh, I'm so bad at this game. It was really cool to play and it has a great concept

Cute little game. Jumping was soooo hiiigh, I loved it

The  theme was spot on.
I love Katamari Damacy, and I think this brings out the essence of it :)

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Go bitsy!
It's such a cool engine :)

I felt like the dude attacking the motionless mannequin in the Karate fail video.
I'd love to play a polished version of this!

Fell off the screen with electroswing in the background.

10/10 would fall with Mr. Disney again

I was so scared. This has a good ambiance.
I couldn't beat it, but amazing job.

I couldn't win the game! This is amazing, it's like Spooky Jump Scare Mansion but with cat jumpscared. Amazing job.

Those corners are tricky!
Reminds me of a game I played a long time ago. Good job

It needs job, but well done!
I would enjoy it much more with more NPCs and more consequences in the actions

Oh my god. I can't believe you managed to do this in 48 hours. This is amazing!
The music, the scenery and the graphics make up a really cool mix!
I can't wait for the post jam version.
Greetings from Argentina!

So cool, the feel on this one was great. The effect on the screen mixed with the music was spot on

Wow, resource management mixed with top-down shooter. That was refreshing

Fantastic little game! Well executed puzzles and fun to replay.
War is so difficult!

No enemy spawned, but I'd definitely play something like this!
Keep improving it and you can have a really cool game here :)

I had some troubles finding the .exe
The file in the beginning of the .zip is not it.
However, the game reminds me of The Beginner's Guide. This was so cool. Are the limited controls on purpose? I loved that

I loved the tiny legs moving!
Nice mechanic, I was so close to winning, but I couldn't find a leaf :(
Great work with GM :)

You're missing some files!
Talk with the host so you can fix this :/

This was so cute and smooth to play. Game Maker is underrated

I hope you keep working on this!
Aesthetics seemed really cool

This was really cool! 
I immediately thought about Spaceteam with the field of Energy chasing you.

This was interesting! We spent a while before finding out there was a Manual :P
The guide was so cool and well-drawn!

It is everything as for now!
There's just one more little, unimportant secret, hehe.
I also want to add a different ending for each item and write some kind of story for it

This is simply incredible. You captured the essence to perfection.

I effing love the color palette. Amazing choice!

I love that whale!
A guy played your game on youtube, if I'm not mistaken.
Great use of bitsy!

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The music is amazing. Fits the game so well.
The design of the Orca Whale is so cool

This is good! I loved God's representation
"Something fishy about this cave" made me laugh so hard, idk why

I have absolutely no words. Or wait, yes, yes I do. This was gorgeous. The melancholic but hopeful music, the cartoonish and precise sprites where so good. I loved it so much.