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Matt Paredes

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I love the concept. You can definitely make this a mobile game!

I think the concept is amazing. I'd love to see this expanded further

Great game! Eliptical digdug? count me in!

I loved it! I'm just too clumsy to win this type of games, but it got me hooked since the beginning!

Great game! It was hard to figure it out sometimes, but I finally won the game!

I hope you can update it someday! I'd love to play

Great idea! I loved it

Nice game! Definitely my favorite type.

Wow, great take on casual platformers! I really enjoyed this one

Amaaazing combination, I've never would've pictured it.
Overall cool game, but I couldn't beat it (yet!)

Really cool graphics! The music was really cool and I loved the duck-death animation

Oof, how did you know I love non-traditional farming games?
Cool game!

This is amazing. Really cool design, fun game, and highly polished. 
Amazing submission, you could really continue expanding this game!

Great game! I'll definitely try it with friends once they can come over.  I played alone, so it was a bit hard, but I was able to beat the first wave of enemies~

I'm happy you had fun~
Potions' effects are consistent during each round, but are randomized each time you start a new game.
Thanks for playing  our game!

Thanks a lot! I hope you can play with someone soon

Thanks for playing!
I'm trying to convince the programmer to make a better version after all this time

I'm glad you found this game! 

This is super useful. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! I wonder how you did you find this little game :P

I love chinchillas! Great and complex gameplay~

This is really nice!

I didn't try yet! Thanks.

 I have a Board Game convention this weekend, so I must finish the cards before~

How should we submit multiple entries? only permits one, but maybe I can add them all to one submission?

So simple, so effective. Congratulations, you've made a game worth sharing with the world

I'd love to see their animations.
Keep up the good work!

I wanna see that "stupid ideas" list. I really liked this one!

I was surprised by the character design.
Pretty good entry

It's really hard at first and it gets too easy after you summon a few mages.
Excellent approach and overall good game. I loved the ending.
I'm thrilled that you used Godot <3

This is the kind of narrative experience I enjoy.

Thanks for this game

I loved the Undertale-style bullet hell mechanic!
There's some serious lag issues when the multiple shots are in the screen, that made me dizzy.
Overall a great game

This is amazing.
The mechanic is new and the art is incredible. 
My congratulations to you, possible pizza winner.

I loved the drawings!

Great entry! Really detailed.

Great entry! It reminded me of Kirby.
I loved the sprite changes

Those CS 1.6 sounds were the best.
nice entry!

Uuuuh, I didn't really know what to press, but the minions did it alright.
Nice entry!

Pretty nice platformer.
It's funny that pizzas jumo along with you

It reminds me of a Game Maker's example games.
The art is pretty cool!

My ship was cool tho

The resolution was a little off, but asides of that, great entry!