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Matt Rayne

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So simple, so effective. Congratulations, you've made a game worth sharing with the world

I'd love to see their animations.
Keep up the good work!

I wanna see that "stupid ideas" list. I really liked this one!

I was surprised by the character design.
Pretty good entry

It's really hard at first and it gets too easy after you summon a few mages.
Excellent approach and overall good game. I loved the ending.
I'm thrilled that you used Godot <3

This is the kind of narrative experience I enjoy.

Thanks for this game

I loved the Undertale-style bullet hell mechanic!
There's some serious lag issues when the multiple shots are in the screen, that made me dizzy.
Overall a great game

This is amazing.
The mechanic is new and the art is incredible. 
My congratulations to you, possible pizza winner.

I loved the drawings!

Great entry! Really detailed.

Great entry! It reminded me of Kirby.
I loved the sprite changes

Those CS 1.6 sounds were the best.
nice entry!

Uuuuh, I didn't really know what to press, but the minions did it alright.
Nice entry!

Pretty nice platformer.
It's funny that pizzas jumo along with you

It reminds me of a Game Maker's example games.
The art is pretty cool!

My ship was cool tho

The resolution was a little off, but asides of that, great entry!

I'd love to play this, but I have no controller :(

This is definitely Jam winning material.
I ended the game, but I almost close it because I didn't know what to do.
Anyways, I'd love to see more

Super nice entry. Well,  at least I was really surprised. I'd love to see this dating sim done some other time!

Nice little game, the aesthetics reminded me  of LSD Dream Sim

This was effing amazing. 

Thank you!
The big birds are called Chimangos, it's a quite common type of falcon here in Argentina. They're not easily scared and kinda aggressive, so we thought pop corn wouldn't make them go away :P
Thanks for playing!

I really like this concept!
The graphics are simple but so good.
The game is smartly hard and refreshing.

Man, polish this and re-release.
This is the most original concept I've seen lately.
The goal of the game is to destroy the road, but still running through it, so the game is made harder every time!
Great job here

Oof. That guy is creepy.
I loved the running little guy!

The art style was amazing. Great job!

I loved the ads in the background!

It's eat or be eaten!
Nice really concept here.
Paying with blood felt like a transmutation ritual

Great puzzle game!
It's so rewarding to solve it :)

Gosh, I'm so bad at this game. It was really cool to play and it has a great concept

Cute little game. Jumping was soooo hiiigh, I loved it

The  theme was spot on.
I love Katamari Damacy, and I think this brings out the essence of it :)

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Go bitsy!
It's such a cool engine :)

I felt like the dude attacking the motionless mannequin in the Karate fail video.
I'd love to play a polished version of this!

Fell off the screen with electroswing in the background.

10/10 would fall with Mr. Disney again

I was so scared. This has a good ambiance.
I couldn't beat it, but amazing job.

I couldn't win the game! This is amazing, it's like Spooky Jump Scare Mansion but with cat jumpscared. Amazing job.