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i love your art and this game is pretty neato!

a true inspiration!

you'll love the new one that I'm making. it has cats AND bunnies, that's a step forward than just rabbits!

This game is very inspiring!

Thanks buddo! I'll try to fix up any issues in this game if i can. 

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Indubitably! here is my game, work in progress i'll have the rom up soonish

You deserve all the praise for this mate! Nice work!

I'm making a game boy version of the series!

i'm making a rpg that involves your knight cat character, I named that little fellow "Nikko" i am also making a comic or two about the game, your art is a true inspiration! My game will be done soon and i can't wait to show it and i hope you'll like it.

This engine looks amazing!

i get a "lemmings" vibe from this, and it is awesome!

I'm using these characters for a ghost catching rpg, i will make sure to  thank you for your sprite sheet work, because it is amazing!

This is a Dream come true!

I am a HUGE nerd for dungeon crawlers! 

I intend to make a silly dungeon crawler, You, my friend are a genius!

This is real nice mate,  I'm learning how to make a rug with Godot, and this is a godsend!

A awesome game!

nice job buddy!

Is nice!

is nice!

I Laughed! I cried! i went upstairs to get some pizza!

This game is a wonderful one!

I liked it! :D

I always did love undertale and this is a dream come true!