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looks spook and simple! Looks amazing

this is infamous now

i do agree, i could of made a better effort on  some of the maps but i tend to only focus on the bare minimum sometimes. sorry if it looks a little same-y, and thank you for playing!


yeah.. i been meaning to fix that, i will try to fix all issues that are present as fast as


Probably, the worst they'll do is only use the submission that you first put in the jam.

thank you for playing!

I am almost done with the official version of this game and I am sorry for any bugs in advance 

Well, I got to admit, Hitman knows his stuff when it comes to game maker studio,  This game is right in all assets in my opinion. (And It's pretty bad ass over all!)

i updated the page. I'll have the game maker studio version done asap!

thank you for playing!

i'm making a game maker studio 2 version that will have more.. secrets... hehe

Thank you, it's my first attempt at a "survival humor" game!

well i warn you, i am fixing any bugs right now, so this is a beta at best.

nicely made.

may be a while since we're trying to figure out a proper story, but we're getting something together :D

hey Ækashics i used these assets for a 4th wall breaking rpg on my game jolt page (yes i did purchase them and i made a smart mouthed hero character named clives from the SDHero character) you are amazing and me and my discord group wishes to thank you for all your hard work!

i love your art and this game is pretty neato!

a true inspiration!

you'll love the new one that I'm making. it has cats AND bunnies, that's a step forward than just rabbits!

This game is very inspiring!

Thanks buddo! I'll try to fix up any issues in this game if i can. 

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Indubitably! here is my game, work in progress i'll have the rom up soonish

You deserve all the praise for this mate! Nice work!

I'm making a game boy version of the series!

i'm making a rpg that involves your knight cat character, I named that little fellow "Nikko" i am also making a comic or two about the game, your art is a true inspiration! My game will be done soon and i can't wait to show it and i hope you'll like it.

This engine looks amazing!

i get a "lemmings" vibe from this, and it is awesome!

I'm using these characters for a ghost catching rpg, i will make sure to  thank you for your sprite sheet work, because it is amazing!

This is a Dream come true!

I am a HUGE nerd for dungeon crawlers! 

I intend to make a silly dungeon crawler, You, my friend are a genius!

This is real nice mate,  I'm learning how to make a rug with Godot, and this is a godsend!

A awesome game!

nice job buddy!

Is nice!

is nice!

I Laughed! I cried! i went upstairs to get some pizza!

This game is a wonderful one!

I liked it! :D

I always did love undertale and this is a dream come true!