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This game has some flaws. I think it was a mistake to allow miscolored lasers to kill enemies, because it discourages smart play in favor of spamming shots. Since red enemies are the fastest, it was very easy to just stick to red, kill them, and keep moving. Could have benefited from a less harsh and repetitive laser sound effect too. One thing that could help gamefeel would be the player model turning to match the cursor rather than just when shooting.

Could have potential if polished.

Sprinting into corners diagonally lets the player get inside the wall, can get out in the same way. Good speedrunning tactic ;)

Activated the book thing, couldn't do anything afterward. Could use a bit more signposting about where to go. Overall not bad.

Unfortunately I do not have a mac and thus do not have a valid Apple developer license, which means that I can't export for mac through Game Maker :( However, if you haven't yet (I dunno how emulators work for this), try the installer version, as the problem you are experiencing is likely from the shaders requiring DirectX to function.

The mechanics seemed quite unclear and often times the light would just shut off entirely without warning only to come back a second later. It does look very nice, and the music is good. I think the environments are the best part.

The game has potential as a sort of exploration experience, but mostly the world just seemed to be lots of empty walking around. There was a health counter but I couldnt' find any threats or ways to take damage, and a lot of items would have benefited from a tooltip or something to help figure out what they do. Movement speed could definitely also stand to be faster. I liked the lighting effects, though, those were cool.

Has potential with the mechanic of having to lure the enemies along with you, but incredibly short and doesn't really incorporate light in a meaningful way IMO.

I dunno, I just could not jump while moving. I had to physically stop before jumping or it wouldn't work. (I could move in the air fine)

Fun game, polished visuals, minimal but good audio, all around a good time. Only complains are that not being able to jump while moving is bothersome, jumping into walls leads to buggy collision (though I hear that's a unity issue) and a checkpointing system would be nice (it was annoying to get to the end of a level, mess up a jump up some steps, and then have to start all over). I did think the "limited jump" system was quite unique!

Good looking, smooth gameplay, sound gets the job done, and very neat idea. Good work.

Neat puzzle mechanics, clean visual design, interesting concept. There was one time when I got softlocked, so I'd recommend having platforms reset when you leave and reenter a room if possible.

Overall very nice and humorous. The grenade physics were great and I liked the voice. However, the jump controls felt a bit unresponsive and the character sometimes got "stuck" on the ground for no reason until I jumped. Overall a good puzzle game.

My PC specs are great (I can run Witcher 3 60 fps Ultra) but I was playing the web version which may be the issue

Game is neat, graphics are pleasing, and audio is charming. I like it!

No audio and the game was laggy, but looks nice and seems like it could to good with more levels and elements.

Alright gameplay, but I don't see what it really has to do with the theme.

Graphics are pleasing. Lack of audio is noticeable. Overall needs more puzzle elements to shine - good core, but as is the only thing to do is rotate each block so the line matches up which doesn't take much thought or effort.

Killing enemies gives a higher chance to spawn health at lower HP. Remember to dodge roll! It can get you out of a lot of tough spots.

Had potential, but focuses more on color than light, no audio, and boils down to a basic (and somewhat unresponsive) platformer. 

Thank you so much for your feedback! Damage is based on distance from the enemy (3 being the max), I figured it added an element of risk to the gameplay to get closer to enemies in order to deal more damage!

It was in the cellar room or whatever you wanna call it, on the very left. Once I walked past the door I couldn't get back in, I would get stuck behind it.

Very cool game! The main mechanic is quite unique and innovative, and it fits the theme very nicely. The graphics are also simple but pleasing to the eye. Overall one of the best games out of the jam, IMO!

Very interesting idea, well executed with good graphics and serviceable audio. My only real complaint is that the turnspeed makes the laser feel clunky, with perfect mouse following the game would feel much more responsive.

Fun and silly, but the lack of audio is notable and on one occasion I got completely stuck in place.

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That's very strange. The antivirus thing is just because it's an .exe, but I've never seen the vertex shader error before. I'll see if I can post an installer on the page and if that fixes it.

EDIT: Installer is up, hopefully that helps

Very good-looking, passable sound, fits the theme, a settings menu!!! However, it's a bit unclear where the enemies are pathing and where they spawn from, so I often found myself dragging my cursor in circles and having it work without really trying or understanding what was happening. With some more clarity of interaction this could really shine (no pun intended).

Incorporates light. But that's about all. The weird eyeball dudes were also legitimately creepy, so that's a plus. The music was incredibly jarring (in a bad way), and I was thankful when the game bugged and the music stopped playing. Sound design in general definitely needs the most work of all.

An interesting take on a football-style game. Sometimes difficult to judge how far away a goalpost was which made throwing accurately a bit random.

While the basic platformer elements were fine, I found the timer to be an unnecessary constraint. I felt that simply making the character a lightbulb doesn't really do enough theme-wise for me, but I will say that I quite appreciate each stage having a unique music track!

The game definitely fits the theme and has a pleasing aesthetic, but the plane sound effects quickly become grating and the controls often feel a bit unresponsive. 

Good idea and looks/sounds very good, but controls were somewhat confusing and clunky. Overall a good puzzle experience.

File updated to include controls on title screen