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I’m glad to hear! We wanted to go for a more peaceful mood, just wandering through the savana. And yes, there’s so much more that we can add to the visuals - we plan on keep updating the project!

Thanks for the feedback! I’m a huge fan of your work 💛

There are so many enemies and behaviors! and even a companion!! The game feels very polished, and that grenade mechanic felt so gooood

Congrats for the great submission!

So cute and relaxing. I loved to see all the different shroomies growing 💚

This is so cooool! I love the slot machine mechanic, and it would be really awesome if there were anything rhythm-like. maybe battles where the options were based in the music…

the character and art overall were great too! Congrats!

What a great game! would love to see more of it! And the animations are so lovely 💛

Had to read the comments to understand what skill works when. I just didn’t play more because the cat dies when you change too many times the world mode…?

Would be nice if each world had it’s own button so I can directly change into the version I need. Anyway, great submission!

Aaaaa que maravilha!! Bora sim, vai ser massa 😁😁😁

Poxa, obrigada! Estávamos sem musicistas no time e ficamos preocupados, já que a experiência exigiu bastante da música. Fico feliz que curtiu 😄

Tô é orgulhosa da presença BR nessa jam! 💛💚

Hey starlit, thank you so much for the kind words! I felt that too about the camera and parallax, but we ran out of time and didn’t really know how to achieve a more retro effect to that (I find that very ironic, since it should be simpler 😆)

Awww thank you so much for the feedback, and for playing through the end! 🧡

We’re already discussing what will come next, and we really want to keep this kind of peaceful and rewarding experience :)

hahahaha eu ri muito quando vi as vidas negativas! achei que criou um clima maneiro de “crazy”. Acho que o final verdadeiro descobri sem querer, porque fechei o jogo antes de tentar mais uma vez, e acabei zerando 🤣

such a cool idea! I could see this as an arcade game for smartphones. Everything was so polished too. All palettes are beautiful 🧡🧡

Congrats on the amazing submission!

very nice aesthetics! Felt like playing a real GB game!

I loved the ascending light effect! I just couldn’t enjoy much since I had to run really fast to the finish line hahahaha

the palette change worked nice as well. Congrats for the game!

Ei Roberto! valeu pelo feedback!! (e em pt-br é bem melhor! hehehe)

então! pelo que a gente viu o esquema é só mostrar 4 cores simultaneamente, podendo mudar se manter a regra. Pokémon mesmo rolava isso, cada cidade e algumas rotas tinham suas próprias cores 😆

e siiiim, a gente queria fazer esse contorno! mas rolou umas questões técnicas no final e decidimos deixar pra depois da jam. O mesmo pra câmera! tamo engatinhando nessas nuances de plataformer hahaha

Mas valeu mesmo! Fico feliz que curtiu o passeio 🧡

I spent quite some time exploring. Loved how peaceful is - it was refreshing to find a game where you only need to use the arrow keys!

also the grass, water an parallax effects felt great! Very cute game <3

I’m glad you meet her! in Brazil the maned wolf is called “Lobo-guará” and the fruits are -seriously- called “fruta-do-lobo / wolf fruit” since it’s the species’ favorite food.

And thanks 💛! Always wanted to paint a box art, specially in retro-style!

Curti o jogo! zerei ele na raça porque queria ver o final, senti aquela dificuldade cruel dos jogos retrô 😆 E fiquei feliz, porque pelo menos a princesa pode pedir um divórcio…? hahahaha

parabéns pelo game, e curti muito que os foguinho do dragão me lembraram do Bowser!

Curti demaaais as cores do jogo! achei que a escolha delas, do menu e da música/sfx trouxeram bastante da estética de Game Boy. A cabra ficou uma gracinha também hahaha

E parabéns pelo primeiro projeto da Arara Dev! (essa capa ficou incríveeeel)

#jogosbrasileiros 💚💛

so many cool characters! The game looks awesome, even being challenging. Took me some time to realize there were portals that makes me teleport, tough! 😅

everything is so charming and polished, I hope there’s more after the jam!

so addictive! I’m in love with every bit of art, music and challenge. I panicked when reached the final boss and lost, but was so fun just to get there!

Congrats for the impressive entry!

aw, thanks! It means so much to hear that, your game looks awesome!! 😭🧡

aah, valeu! 🧡

everything is so perfect in the trailer! Absolute in love with the music and sound effects. Wishlisted +🧡

the game is nice! I struggled with the difficulty regarding to shoot in the direction I wanted.

but the visuals/sound made a great atmosphere :)

so well animated! it has a great concept, just felt a little sad that the 2nd level is impossible to complete, haha. Developing more will turn into a great game :)

the idea is nice, and after some time I realized there is a pattern in the color change of the character, but the platforms kinda repeated in a cycle. I missed some challenge in choosing where to go, instead of trying to not miss a jump xD

Benny is so cuuuute! I loved to chill and try out the interface. Took some time to understand how to do things, It didn’t work to stay only on the keyboard or the mouse.

but this is a very nice game! congrats <3

I was surprised by the music. Great atmosphere! I share the opinions of the comments below

aaaaargh, such a perfect take on stealth for a jam! sound, visuals, the feedback… 5 stars for you <3

I loved the visuals and concept. After playing some times, it gets addictive! just wished the guy wouldn’t be so hasty to die hahaha

the game felt so good just by moving around. Great use of the assets! Just missed a stronger take on the ‘curse’ thing.

the game is so polished! congrats! I felt like the biggest challenge was to read the content, tho. The time limit felt a bit harsh because of that. but the dialogues were so cool, even not being able to make any curses haha

the theme (and art) is cute! all I could realize is that changing the feeling made me go through or hit the “enemies”. I like the use of emojis :)

Thank you for the feedback and kind words! :)

Indeed, the level design wasn't really explored... After developing the player movement/animations there wasn't much time left for assembling the game itself.

I liked the river idea! But we did tried spicing up the pace using the tornados, though.

This just fits so well with the jam and is so well executed. Great game! 

I wish I had time to finish the game! The game is great as it's concept (which means it's awesome) and the sound effects and music made it very addicting. Congrats for the team!

The game is really funny! I took me some time to understand how to call the units, and that made my gameplay a little clumsy. Would prefer to call units closer to me from the distance, I guess. Also, a different sound for each call would make it easier to understand which command you're doing! I loved the visuals :) 

I did t-failed many times, but the ending was worth it.

Loved the art! Music is cool too, but I felt that the shield was a weapon and the game seemed as a platformer...

Wow, I just won my day with this. Thanks!