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Thank you for the feedback and kind words! :)

Indeed, the level design wasn't really explored... After developing the player movement/animations there wasn't much time left for assembling the game itself.

I liked the river idea! But we did tried spicing up the pace using the tornados, though.

This just fits so well with the jam and is so well executed. Great game! 

I wish I had time to finish the game! The game is great as it's concept (which means it's awesome) and the sound effects and music made it very addicting. Congrats for the team!

The game is really funny! I took me some time to understand how to call the units, and that made my gameplay a little clumsy. Would prefer to call units closer to me from the distance, I guess. Also, a different sound for each call would make it easier to understand which command you're doing! I loved the visuals :) 

I did t-failed many times, but the ending was worth it.

Loved the art! Music is cool too, but I felt that the shield was a weapon and the game seemed as a platformer...

Wow, I just won my day with this. Thanks!