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I found out that it's currently on hiatus, but for what reason?

I'm curious, I've been trying to find the link to the Discord server (I'm RaXo, or Axoez), but I can't find it, did it got deleted? And why?

I'm challenging myself to do all of the challenge, well maybe not the "close your eye while making the arts", but we'll see

I found you through this Indonesian YouTuber with 1.5 subscribers playing your game lol

I'm gonna try to make my entry actually good instead of the crap I made back in 2020, it still somehow got 72# overall rank lol

this is just karlson, but sword


hey can you fix the discord link

wait so the camera not responding to my mouse was actually the point? sorry, i commented that out of a rage tbh lol

screw this, the camera movement is too janky that i got nausea playing this, 0/10 would never play again

ohh, yes it looks really accurate to the old MS Paint

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aww man, i failed to make a bad game, making a bad game was actually my point, because get it? bad = terrible, i want to make a terrible game, MS Paint is terrible for drawing :) and the music is actually supposed to be full, with all the words "floor" changed to "TaBLaWuWi" but well sadly i failed and the timing is all bad, so i decided to just take "Watch Out The TaBLaWuWi is lava" and loop it :)

Also your game is also pretty good, but oh well i don't know how to play it, your game is way better than mine honestly

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i made it in about 1 hour... and i did say this is a trash game, and i also intentionally made it bad

even thought it's a horror game?

Game is just the classic parkour jump game, Mechanics is just the default unity standard assets, music is not bad, art is perfect, overall 3/5, and the main menu is kinda hard to read

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Game is kinda fun, Mechanics is nice, Sound is muted, Art is not bad, Overall 3/5, and also the performance feels a bit too laggy

but you are using unity, you could at least add a background music, just drag your sound file to the hierarchy menu in unity to add background music

Game is fun, mechanics is good, sounds is not bad, art is good, overall 3/5 because it gets boring pretty fast to me

overall 4/5 the game is fun, but kinda hard for me because fast paced is not my genre

Absolute Thanks!

don't worry, i was in a rush, so as a placeholder, i just made you stay alive if you touch the color the game told you, next time i will make it so you die if you touch the color so you can't do the every color touch glitch


Hi, what game engine did you use for this? it really looks like the old MS Paint