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Ravioli Spills

A member registered Dec 26, 2020

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My gawd, this goes so much deeper than I ever expected 

loads of fun, 10/10 

Had me poopin my pants! 

Absolutely fantastic start to what I'm sure will be a project very much worth the wait. 

the dog is an incredible stand up comic

A hilarious and naturally weird feeling platformer. not for the faint of heart. You won weirdest game for this video 

THIS IS AMAZING. but omg my hand hurts from mashing X 

The item descriptions got me 

this was a pleasant surprise. I had more fun than I should have had with this. 

really liked the level design here. 

I was hooting and hollering the whole time. I want a full game like this lmao

This was super artistic, had a blast once I learned how it worked. Nice job!

Really loved this concept!

Had a Blast Playing this! 

I didn't read the description before playing and thought it was reminiscent of Junji Ito.  Didn't realize till after that's what you were going for! Ya nailed it! 

WOW. Such a great experience. A lot of love went into this one. You can tell! P.S. I went on a coffee date with orange guy 

Goofy, fun, addicting. great game!

I may have pooped my pants... 

LOVED IT! Everything from the style to the story was very well done. 

Had a blast with this!