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Thanks for the feedback I'll see what I can make of this in the future.

Thank you so much for your feedback. Yeah you were right about the design and aesthetics being an afterthought XD. When I get a new PC (the jam killed my processor because I had a potato computer) I think I'll build off what I have and see how I can improve it and this feedback is what I need to get there so thank you!

Really freaking unique meta ideas here I loved the Aesthetics, Feel, Innovation, and it fits the theme well my only thing I would do to improve it is by two things. One (which would be basically impossible to do in the jam) an online leaderboard or score to beat so there is a purpose for trying to avoid dying and instead going for a high score. Two I think it would be neat if at random points the players movement would be locked and everything would be in slow motion so the only way for the player to dodge is by shooting enemies which move them (just an idea to make the enemies that moved you useful) overall I really enjoyed it.

Loved the concept my only two improvements would be a graphical improvement (which I know I basically impossible it a game jam) just to easily differentiate where your character is facing, and instead of wasd use mouse for 360 degree aiming, Otherwise it was great.

"I don't really see a reason that the shooting mechanic should be bound to the same button as shooting or that shooting really even needs to be a mechanic in the game." I'm guessing this is a typo I don't understand this part could you please restate it? As for the disorienting warp pads I'll take that into consideration thank you for your feedback!

AMAZING CONCEPT not so amazing execution. My tips would be to 1. Increase rocket size or when they are stopped make them triple in size with a timeline, 2. Give some sort of explanation to mechanics in the description at least. 3. Don't make rocket jumps hurt the player. In all honesty I couldn't beat it but I would love to play an updated version of this my discord is Rav10#0860 dm me if you ever update this.

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