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Is it good? :3

Anytime bud. Hope to see more of your progress! ^^

Ah it works now! Ok so a few things that could use some polish.

I think I've already said this before, but this will add a lot to the aethetic of the game: variation. Since the game is inspired by Pokémon, I'll take it as an example. Imagine Pewter City from the original Pokémon Red and Blue (not the remakes). Now imagine Viridian Forest, or Cerulean City, or Mt. Moon. Even though that game relied on 1-bit graphics, it was able to use it to make highly memorable places, such that just looking at the layout of those places is an orientation compass for the player, the player can recognize where they are instantly. The general shape of these places, the layout, the style of the buildings, the props, the trees, the NPCs, and the ground tiles all variated from one place to the other, and worked together to building a memorable location. Pedro Medeiros, one of the artists for Celeste, talked about how they were finding the levels too repetitive and uninteresting in the visual sense. To solve that, they created a lot of "decals", which were basically a lot of useless background props, like torches, stop signs, broken huts, and whatnot, and those gave the levels very distinct personalities. If you're able to, if that won't be too much deviation from your focus on the moment, I'd love to see more variation on that and, a bit more polish on the ground tiles maybe.

In that sense, the music could use a bit more of variation too. I like the instruments and the general feel of it, maybe it was just me but the rhythm feel a bit off. But what's lacking really is a bit of variation on the music loop, maybe make it longer, with more sections, maybe make it so the music changes from town to town. It would be a great addition to the game!

For bugs, even though I choosed fire, I could only use water moves on the battle. I felt that the Wave attack was too op, and I was kinda confused about the difference between each attack, maybe there could be a tutorial or some help box explaining what each attack does. The dialogue also broke when the battle ended. I found a bug too where I spoke to Sensei Lin before Peter when I arrived at the new town, and that kinda broke the progression.

Last thing, though it's more of a question than anything: have you considered using or at least prototyping your game in RPG Maker? It seems the game you're trying to make would be way easier to do in that engine than in Unity, since it's got all the tools for making a Pokémon-esque RPG, like isometric view, turn-based battlingmechanics, XP and leveling... Maybe you just feel comfortable using unity and that's fine, but you should take a look on that too, because the particularities of that engine might allow you to focus on the parts you really wanna work on in your game (which, if I'm not mistaken, is the story) and get through everything faster.

I think that's about it. Cheers, love to see your progress ^^

After a while, I've released a new build on this project! I've reworked the graphics, the design, the flight mechanic, and I've also added a short storyline to the level! I would really love to get some feedback from you guys on this new version of the game! ^^ Cheers

I'm glad there have been updates, cool that it has already a saving system. Unfortunately, I'm getting stuck in the stairs of the bedroom, so I can't play the rest of the game :c

OMG I love this! Keep it up ^^

Hi kristiangitar! I'm a big pokemon fan, and I liked the idea to mix it with a medieval-like theme. ^^

I agree with what wolf said, the movement is a little off from what you'd expect from a RPG. Also, using some pixel snap would help align the pixel art graphics so they all fit the same scale, which looks nicer. This might be very early in development, so you might have not worked on it yet, but I'd love to see some variation between different places, like maybe a different color scheme or different building types between the starting town and the second one. 

As for game design, I can't really opinate because the game kinda glitched on the first battle ^^; so you should get to fixing that before anything else, if the battles are going to be the main gameplay focus that is.

Hope this gave you any insight. Wish you the best! :3

Thank you for your feedback! ^^

I'll be iterating some more on the flight mechanic, it does need some polish. I really should check out The King's Bird again, had played in the past, but I wanted to do something different in this one, exploring gravity and momentuum instead of a slower gliding. It's a good point of reference though, and I might look onto more games that implement flight, even though I have found few that try to do something similar ^^;.

Thanks again <3

Thank you so much for your feedback! <3

Now thay you're saying it, a simpler design for the tiles might really look a lot better, I'll definetively take that into consideration! Also I'm sorry the controls weren't straightforward ^^;, I still have got to make a tutorial to convey it better, but basically, as you open your wings holding Z, you'd control the direction of flight of the protagonist with the arrow keys (as if he was "swimming" on air, dunno if that makes sense).

Thanks a lot again :3

Hi! In the last 2 weeks I've made a sprint and put together a MVP (or prototype, I'm not sure if it's one or the other). It's got the basic core functionality of what I want the game to be about, which is free flight on a 2d metroidvania-like world. It's still got many graphical and playability flaws I intend to get to, and I also haven't implemented every mechanic I wanted to see in it, but for now I'm looking for feedback on how can I improve and where can I go from here, if anybody would be so kind to check the game out ^^

I'm particularly puzzled on game and level design. I've tried out a few different ideas, including puzzle-platforming, exploration, etc. but I still can't nail that "free flight" feel I was going for.

So, if anyone is interested in helping me out, you can play the game on:

And for anyone who reads this, you’re awesome, and keep doing your best ;3

The game sounds fun from what you describe, and if you think it's fun, go for it! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to play your game due to a WebGL error, so I can't get you much feedback on that end ^^;

Game Jams usually challenge you to make a game prototype in the shortest amount of time possible, so it's natural you'll find many places in which you can improve. The choice is yours if you wanna continue working on it, and if you're excited about it, I would personally recommend you do just for the fun and fulfillment it brings!

But anyway, it's all up to you if you wanna continue fleshing out your game.


Aye, thank you ^^

Thank you! I'll check yours when I can c:

Hey, thank you so muchhh, I'm so glad you enjoyed it <3. I tried to implement the bounce knockback on the enemies with the nail, but unfortunately I couldn't do it in time. Maybe for the next update :3

Hi! I was wondering if it's allowed to submit a game from another game jam that's happening simultaneously to this one, respecting the limitation of this one. No assets or code were made before the duration of the jam (Actually I haven't made anything yet, it's just a question :p)

Regardless, we always have to keep seeing where we can improve! Feedback is the most valuable thing to take out of these jams. Cheers ^^

Hehe, thank you for playing till the end <3 I didn't put an end screen so you could continue exploring after the boss :p There are some secret mask fragments you can find

I love the graphics and animation, very GB-ey, the music too! I'm still lost as of what I'm supposed to do in the game tho ^^; You should write some instructions or tutorial, and maybe an end screen too, just so the end doesn't feel like a game over. I think I found a glitch whenever I die at the start, I'm teleported to the last checkpoint apparently. Other than that, I think it's very neato!

Awesome music and graphics. I really like the fluidity of using the axe, reminds me a lot of Hotline Miami, and I enjoyed that so many gameplay ideas were explored in such a short amount of time! Honestly one of my favorite entries so far. My only suggestion is to do more! I loved it :3

I really liked the idea, though I'd love to see more variation through the gameplay. You might even achieve this by changing the background/graphics as you go, to give a sense of progress, or add variations to the mechanics (like add a rocket that follows you or something). The physics could use a little more polish, to give out the momentuum of the original game. But I did enjoy it! I like that it preserved the shop mechanic from the original :3

Don't give up on your motivation friend! Your game has a lot of potential! A few tweaks can make the playability much smoother, and you can always ask for help from the community if you find yourself stuck. Keep it up!

Also, the suits are a bit expensive. You could make them cheaper, or add more coins throughout the levels ^^

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I really enjoyed the idea and how it was executed! It's hard, but I've never played the original, I suppose it's also quite difficult xD. Good stuff, keep it up!

Thanks for the feedback <3. I was going for mapping the controls on the keyboard as you would see them on a SNES controller. I guess I could make different mapping options and add controller support in the future!

Thank you so much! And yeah, I'm still trying to figure out a few bugs like that one ^^; sorry about that, I'll fix it as soon as I'm able to <3

Thank you :3 - My little game demaking Hollow Knight for the SNES :3

Thank you so much <3

I love the style, and the gameplay is pretty fun, well done!

Oh I loved the concept! I couldn't get too far but I loved it nevertheless ^^

Pretty good game, even through some part had me raging xD

Take a look at Bosca Ceoil as well

Awesome game, loved the concept! I'm having a bug where I jump automatically when I land on the ground. Other than that, fun game :3

Thank you so much for your feedback! I learned a lot from your experience in the game, and there sure are a lot of bugs I gotta fix, thanks for spotting them! Didn't realise how frustrating the jump on level 11 was x3, I'll definetly try to add some coyote jump. Thank you so much for taking the time to review the game <3

You're on the last level hehe, thanks for the feedback and for playing it all the way to the end :3

Always nice to see a puzzle platformer, love those!

A death mechanic would be nice to avoid getting the player stuck. Also the start had me wondering a bit what I was supposed to do, guiding the player on the first levels would make the game more enjoyable for those out of the loop. Cool art and music!

Took me a while to understand the gameplay, but after I did, I had a blast! Great choice of combination, and also the art, music, and sound effects are top-notch. Great job!

Hehe, I'm glad you had fun! I suppose you mean the collisions on the slopes, whcih are still a little buggy, sorry about that ^^; and thanks for letting me know! :3

Thank ya! <3

Thank you! Polybridge was indeed an inspiration for this game x3

Take a look at sfxr. It's a tool to make chiptune sound effects quickly. Might come in handy in future jams, I've only discovered it recently too!

Thanks! I'm glad you had fun :3