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Raster Games

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Season event reloaded and up early...

Hey xArcausx, sorry but we don't have any support for that. thanks.

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Hey soysauce117, 

Thanks for dropping by. :-)  Just hit the "Play" button on the game page as this is mainly a browser game. As there is currently no option to provide a direct link to the game site as default, the Desktop download version link was setup so we can redirect the players to the game, which is hosted on our website, just in case. If you are referring to the Android download version, it installs and plays fine when I tested this earlier.

Let me know if you're still having some issues.


Created a new topic Event: Trick or Trip [Ended]
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Post Halloween Event and Easter Egg

Created a new topic Guild Server now back again!
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UPDATE: Guild Server now back up and running. Empty chest issue is now fixed.

You can now login again using your current guild server account. Enjoy! :-)

Posted in Bug i think

UPDATE: Guild Server now back up and running. Empty chest issue is now fixed.

You can now login again using your guild server account. Enjoy! :-)

Replied to Hakuto in Bug i think

Yes, the original version doesn't need a login and different from the guilded one. Thanks.

Posted in Bug i think

Hey Hakuto,

Thanks for reporting this bug.  The original non-guilded version is now enabled as a replacement while I do some check and try to restore and fix this issue.

cheers. :-)

Hey death420,

Thanks for playing! :-) Noted on that and as posted in the description, the game is still under development and testing so eventually there are plans to add more content like quests and new maps.


Created a new topic [New NPC] Ol' Bummer

While the village has been attracting more of these weird characters, there is another stranger in town that seems to know the distant past. Find out more as he could give some clues about new beginnings and future quests!

Created a new topic Season Event: Cupid Stupid
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Event Description: The King is puzzled over some weird looking guy that fell into town...
Ends In: One (1) Week

Created a new topic [New NPC] Militia May

Find out what Village Girl has been thinking lately. It seems the recent Bat Attack Event has affected the whole town!

Created a new topic [New NPC] Samurai Joe
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Just a small update to test out our expansion and adding NPCs and mobs to the game. You can now look for Samurai Joe waiting in town for some small talk! :)

Created a new topic Event: Bat Attack! [Ended]
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Event: Bat Attack
Server: Guild

The town is being completely overrun by bats!

Bat Attack Event

Created a new topic Guild Server Quick Guide
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These features are now available and currently a work in progress.

Guilds Commands

Guild commands can be executed through chat. Press <Enter> or click Chat icon to open Chat window.

Create a guild: /guild create <guild name>

Invite to guild: /guild invite <player name>

Guild message: /guild guild: <message>

Leave guild: /guild leaveguild

PVP Guide

While pointing or selecting the target player, hold <Shift> key + Left Mouse Button to start attacking the player.

Have fun and enjoy!