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In the end of game you have boss fight, but yeah, we need add some puzzles 

Thanks for the video gameplay! :)

Yes! It's support PS4 controller

square - attack

circle - roll


Become a hero of your time, because time is the only thing you have.

You take on the role of a mercenary named Remya, cursed by a sorcerer for his greed. You only have 5 minutes to kill the evil necromancer who has attacked the village.  If you don’t have time, you will die.

Features: 1) Time is your life.  Fight with the undead, complete the task and do everything to replenish the reserves of constantly failing health. 2)Dynamic gameplay - each movement must be verified and calculated. Every second is expensive, and the price of error is even more expensive. 3) Explore, explore and explore again - explore the world of Time Hero, discovering new, hidden mechanics. But so little time!

It’s ironic that the time game was made in 48 hours at the Hackathon. The efforts were not in vain. Time Hero not only allowed us to win, but also gave an impetus to continue development. There are a lot of plans and now we need your support!

Лучше чем Never Again, когда релиз в стиме?