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Beautiful looking game with puzzles that remind me of classic 1990s puzzle game design tenants. Well done!

This is the perfect flavor of disorienting. I would love to see more iterations of this!


More music later maybe/hopefully. I started working on an actual track but it sounded worse with more than the drum beat and my boss is a real stickler about deadlines...

Egor is right. I forgot to add the control option to the list, I apologize! Updating that now.

Fun so far! I had this glitch pop up after dying to the double-gun setup above a worm though.

Ahh cool, thank you for playing! Wedlock can be tricky but you got super close.

Thank you!!

Argh, sorry! I definitely wouldn't rush too much if you're wanting to catch all the dialog snippets and stuff.

Thanks! Let me know if you find everything :D

10158, we in the five digit score club~~

Cool take on a shmup-hybrid, felt like it could be the core if a larger game (in a good way). Control bindings for keyboard felt a little bit cramped.

Cute af, good SFX, fellow Pico-8 project bias <3

This was awesome! Really impressed with everything you've done with this.

Thank ya kindly!

Shucks, thanks!

Hey, thanks! :3

I was really stoked to see the battery icon in the corner, it's one of the first cases of UI/HUD in any of the bitsy games on here! Well done.

Hey, good job on your first game! I like the sudden color switch at the end, really gives that nice feeling of being startled awake.

Well done! I dig the color choices and the usage of room dupes for the jump scares and ending.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you're digging it :D

I uploaded Penroses today for the June Jam! This one was a lot of fun and I've really been enjoying figuring out efficient workarounds in Bitsy to fake some effects. Enjoy the journey, wanderer~

Aw, thanks! I definitely want to do a bigger version with some real puzzles and different mechanics. Hopefully I can get that started soon. I'm doing this month's Bitsy jam as well, I look forward to seeing your project :)



This was so satisfying! Loved it.