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Hm, that's odd! Are you using the arrow keys? The game isn't mouse compatible but if you use arrows, matching the ones on screen, it should let you interact with their respective objects.

You could definitely test a few more mechanics and see if they fit how you like. I think there's a few more mechanics that would be worth the time :)

Really clever, left me scratching my head a couple of times. I look forward to more!

This is so satisfying <3

Fantastic! You really nailed the early Castlevania vibe perfectly.

This has such a satisfying retro feel to it! Nicely polished as well. Definitely excited for the finished game.

Beautiful looking game with puzzles that remind me of classic 1990s puzzle game design tenants. Well done!

This is the perfect flavor of disorienting. I would love to see more iterations of this!


More music later maybe/hopefully. I started working on an actual track but it sounded worse with more than the drum beat and my boss is a real stickler about deadlines...

Egor is right. I forgot to add the control option to the list, I apologize! Updating that now.

Fun so far! I had this glitch pop up after dying to the double-gun setup above a worm though.

Ahh cool, thank you for playing! Wedlock can be tricky but you got super close.

Thank you!!

Argh, sorry! I definitely wouldn't rush too much if you're wanting to catch all the dialog snippets and stuff.

Thanks! Let me know if you find everything :D

10158, we in the five digit score club~~

Cool take on a shmup-hybrid, felt like it could be the core if a larger game (in a good way). Control bindings for keyboard felt a little bit cramped.

Cute af, good SFX, fellow Pico-8 project bias <3

This was awesome! Really impressed with everything you've done with this.

Thank ya kindly!

Shucks, thanks!

Hey, thanks! :3

I was really stoked to see the battery icon in the corner, it's one of the first cases of UI/HUD in any of the bitsy games on here! Well done.

Hey, good job on your first game! I like the sudden color switch at the end, really gives that nice feeling of being startled awake.

Well done! I dig the color choices and the usage of room dupes for the jump scares and ending.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you're digging it :D

I uploaded Penroses today for the June Jam! This one was a lot of fun and I've really been enjoying figuring out efficient workarounds in Bitsy to fake some effects. Enjoy the journey, wanderer~

Aw, thanks! I definitely want to do a bigger version with some real puzzles and different mechanics. Hopefully I can get that started soon. I'm doing this month's Bitsy jam as well, I look forward to seeing your project :)



This was so satisfying! Loved it.