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Palette fits the art style really well, and good utilization of screen space without feeling claustrophobic. Well done!

Ahh yeah, one of the things that didn't get cleaned up in the final hours. And thanks! Looking forward to doing a polish-over soon to fixstuff like that, give the rooms unique art assets, make the room transitions a little easier to follow, and a few other things.

Really satisfying gameplay/feel of movement! Enjoyed it enough to immediately start doing additional playthroughs to think about fastest strategies and optimizing the boss fight :D

I *love* this one. The Kirby-esque grab-and-shoot mechanic feels wonderfully arcade-y and makes for really interesting choice trees during traditional platforming. Movement feels super smooth too. Definitely one I'll be coming back to again!

The most I've played a picross in a long time! Very cute and the party-composition mechanic is a nice touch.

Amazingly cozy vibes that contrast the big life changes. The pixel/palette are a delight~

Thanks! :D

I'm so glad you did more with this!! It's got a great feel and super satisfying to play.

Thank ya!!

I'll try to get that up at some point, sure! Can't promise a timetable unfortunately but I'll make a note to circle back here and reply when it does happen.

Heya! This game is available on the Lexaloffle BBS, where I believe you'd be able to get the .png which can be opened in the Pico-8 editor. You should be able to find a few other games there as well.

Very nice! Great cinematic feel and loved some of the background character setpieces, they really gave the spaces personality.

I'm definitely going to take a good chunk of the feedback to heart on this, particularly on how the game teaches (or fails to teach) its mechanics. I appreciate on the callout on the precise jumps since this is the first couple stages; I want players to be rewarded for refining their skills but don't want to it to prevent most players from progressing.

Thanks for the comments!

Ristar, Starfy, Luma. Contributing to the long history of astronomical platformers!

Ahh, glad we solved it! And yeah, Pico-8 is fantastic. You'll have a lot of fun tinkering around with it.

Thank you kindly! I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope you'll like the final product when it's out.

Thanks! The game was built in Pico-8, a fantasy console designed to replicate some of the restrictions of older consoles with a more modern design sensibility. There's so much good stuff out there in Pico-8, you should definitely search some stuff out.

If you are stuck at the first checkpoint, pressing down on your joystick or arrow keys will let you drop through the thin platform. If it's another checkpoint, let me know and I'll see what the issue is.

Thank ya kindly! I've heard from a few people now how the slippery feel might be too pronounced. I'll likely be tweaking that stuff a good bit based on the feedback.

Hiya! I just tested and it seems like I didn't get stuck anywhere in the demo. There are a couple of spots where you can't progress unless you use the shorter version of your jump that happens during a slide, though. If that doesn't work, can you let me know the specific spot and I'll take another look?

Cute, fun, and nicely polished! Well done.

Hey there! If it's the spot I'm thinking of, you can press X/V to slide under the spikes. While you're sliding you can press Z/C to get a shorter hop than normal, so you can jump over gaps without hitting any spikes that might be above you :)

Super impressive! A bit obtuse at times but mostly for the better. I love multiple endings and the granularity here (plus losing access to some paths by saving) makes for an interesting replayability, although I don't know if I'll tough it out for every ending.

Super clever and cute! I really enjoyed the feel of the turtle and the contrast between the two movement types. I think adding the jump buffer as you mentioned (and/or coyote time) might make a couple spots feel a little less frustrating but overall this is great.

A BBS version might come later, when/if I can spend the time updating this how I want :)

A BBS version might come later, when/if I can spend the time updating this how I want :)

Hm, that's odd! Are you using the arrow keys? The game isn't mouse compatible but if you use arrows, matching the ones on screen, it should let you interact with their respective objects.

You could definitely test a few more mechanics and see if they fit how you like. I think there's a few more mechanics that would be worth the time :)

Really clever, left me scratching my head a couple of times. I look forward to more!

This is so satisfying <3

Fantastic! You really nailed the early Castlevania vibe perfectly.

This has such a satisfying retro feel to it! Nicely polished as well. Definitely excited for the finished game.

Beautiful looking game with puzzles that remind me of classic 1990s puzzle game design tenants. Well done!

This is the perfect flavor of disorienting. I would love to see more iterations of this!


More music later maybe/hopefully. I started working on an actual track but it sounded worse with more than the drum beat and my boss is a real stickler about deadlines...

Egor is right. I forgot to add the control option to the list, I apologize! Updating that now.

Fun so far! I had this glitch pop up after dying to the double-gun setup above a worm though.

Ahh cool, thank you for playing! Wedlock can be tricky but you got super close.

Thank you!!

Argh, sorry! I definitely wouldn't rush too much if you're wanting to catch all the dialog snippets and stuff.

Thanks! Let me know if you find everything :D