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Either I suck or this game is insanely difficult

"She held up the recipe book, and had it turned to a recipe.

The title of it read, in big white letters...


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I'd love an NSFW gameover / when your HP goes to max

How do you increase your level / DPC? 

When performing handjob or oral on a person in my barrack (The gladiator, a male), the text says both "him" and "her", making it very confusing...

Hello! I've been playing this game for a small amount of time, and I suck. And when I say suck, I mean I get throatraped and lose the game. I'm absolute trash and I am in dire need of a guide or something to explain the choices and different paths you can take in this game. I kind of understand the stances and combat and such, but in the lategame (when I was around level 19) I found a werewolf. I decided to attack it, but after I defeated it with my high strength character, she came back and raped me... After a lot of text I got a game-over screen, apparently I had become the werewolf's bitch. Is there any way to avoid endings like this? 

I would be really grateful if anyone could share some tips and game info, cause it always seems like everything ends the same way whatever I try to do...