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It should be released soon, generally many updates are planned. (Here an older threat:

DasMaybe I could help you with that because there are still some spelling mistakes.

the game is so cool, please make a possibility to supply the druids and the seals so that you have some space, otherwise you don't have to do anything yourself anymore, and then the game would theoretically be over.

i would also have an idea and a wall or something so that you don't accidentally shoot things down or protect yourself from monsters

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Hi, I had this problem too, I could find the savefiles in the <appdata> and then <local> under the folder Forager. Hope that could help you. :) 

if you don't know how to get into the <appdata> folder, you can simply enter <windows key + R> and then <%appdata%> into the folder.

edit: you also get into the folder with <win+R> and then < %localappdata%\Forager>


I wanted to ask op there is a possibility to move buildings like the windmill without destroying it and rebuilding it. If no, it would be cool to add such a possibility. very cool game by the way. :)