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Nice, thank you! Love the trees too :)

Really liked the Game Mechanics! Reminds me of Super Hot! :)

Thank you!

Thanks for playing it!


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Thanks! Had fun making this. :)

I will enter the next MiniJam!

Yes, I think so.

*first* hehe

I have another question xd

Should the sprites have a width and height of 8 px? It kinda seems to small compared to the sprites on the gameboy/emulator.

And is it allowed to scale those sprites up? For example make an 8x8 sprite and scale it to 16x16 or 32x32?

Sorry for all that questions, never entered such a limited jam! :)

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You said that the frame resolution has to be 160x144 pixels but is it allowed to scale the window up? so that the resolution is 160x144 but the window is bigger.

EnterJam 2 community · Created a new topic One-Color Game?

How should this work? :O

Sooooo how have this gotten so popular? I don't get it.

My Show Reel Entry from my Game!

Almost finished!

Sry, what has this to do with the theme? But maybe I just don't get it..

Looks good!

Thank you!

The first Level :)

And at what time? ^^

Hey! I like the Artstyle it's pretty cool! I would add more gameplay elements like other dangers on the tracks, but nice game! Good Luck :)

This costs Money?