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Nuuuuuu Jun's gone DX but the new image is rly good lol

or just don't include them.

That's literally what happened to me, literally just before the exams and I was emotionally destroyed, but the only reason I was able to get a high mark was because I kept thinking "I'll do it for TJ!" Lol... I'm a mess XD

Why? Just put a warning before the vid and censor any stuff referencing sex for yt

FINALLY!!! This one felt like it took so looooong!!!!! Jun is my favourite route so far!!!

Honestly, Game Theory should do a video on this. I'm not even kkidding.

Yeah, and honestly, Leo looks even more hugable now XD

There is one on fandom, I believe.

Yay! It's finally on itch!!

I do wish that too... It's a really fun game that I've discovered recently, and I might not even be able to get a PC by 2020, since my other PC broke...

I found a solution. You have to use the autocorrect. Just write like half the word and let the autocorrect finish the word, and if your autocorrect puts a space after the word (mine doesn't), delete that space. It should work when you press return. This also works for naming your character on the game night on Harold's route.

"I’ve had some people report that they can’t hit enter, when typing in answers.  The only solution I’ve seen for that is people using keyboard apps, and not the default keyboard" 


I like Gil's new style, but I don't really like Parker's, because he's like orange now, and also too muscular, I liked him when he was chubbier. Otherwise, I liked what Lars and Mark looked like before, and then I didn't, but I don't know now, I haven't seen them yet.

Which choice is better? "This is fucked up" or "play it cool"? I wanna know which one has the better impact later on.

I loved the update, but I couldn't really understand the lyrics of the song, even after listening about 3 times. Can somebody please write them to me? I'm really curious about what Kei wrote about Yuu.

I would like something like that for TJ

Oh my god... I played this game for the very first time, and I chose the TJ route... I just finished it and... I dunno... I'm literally crying right now... Will there be more updates for it or is that just the end? It was really unsatisfying, since it didn't show what else happened between Chase and TJ, and I'm just dying to know that they're a couple or something... I would love to see that, but I don't think it will ever happen, will it?... I actually love TJ a lot, and I just want Chase to be next to him and help him in his worst times... I just want them to be happy and move somewhere far away from Echo and elope together... I want something more satisfying, because I feel like I am connected to TJ emotionally, even though he's not real... I never wanted to play this game, but it just kept receiving so much praise, that I had to try it, and I don't regret it, I just want everyone to be happy in the end...

What's the update schedule?

Just ignore it :P

Should be about 2 weeks now.

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Yes! I'm encountering the same issue, and I came here to comment it. It also happens to me during the LnL night in Harold's route, when you have to pick a name for your character. It suuuucks :/

Yes, tbh means to be honest

To each their own, I guess :P

Now I wanna see that scene XD

I was gonna post this, but you got here before me XD! Btw, doesn't anybody else find it weird that both Yuu and Show look different from what they look like in the game or in other CGs? That also happens with Jun. I hope it doesn't happen with Keisuke too. I don't really like the change of style,but I guess that's just my opinion :P

I hope it gets fixed soon, since I don't have a PC rn. You could just leave it, though, since the only thing you really can't see is the current Day, but if you can't see a line of text, just go in the text log, and even there, the names of the characters who speak are messed up (in the text log), but it's still not a big deal.

I just got a really silly, but kinda cool idea. What if Keisuke goes to a show like X factor? Then he becomes a popular singer, how it happened to 1D.

If anybody knows, are there any easter eggs when Mr. Parker asks you what you do in you free time and you pick other? Like, is there anything specific you can write to get him to react differently?

If anybody knows, are there any easter eggs when Mr. Parker asks you what you do in you free time and you pick other? Like, is there anything specific you can write to get him to react in a certain way?

That happens when there is no background image for a certain scene, which means that the creator didn't implement it yet. When it gets added in a future update, there will be an image.


I just played through the update, on Lars' route. I liked the subtle changes, but (no offense, but) I didn't really like the new sprite for Lars, the one used in day 1. He looks way too bulky, and he's a lot cuter in the older style.

I'll never forget about you! Can't wait to see everything!!

It all basically happens in different timelines.

Soooo much better! Thank you, WOTB!

10 days left, I cannot wait!!! Even if it's Shoichi, and I like the other characters more, it doesn't matter, it's still tennis ace and that's all that matters.

I knooooooow

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Usually when he posts an update on here, he responds to some comments.

Oh, not too long until that, then. Thanks, I never even knew about the existence of that site.

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"Queendom Hearts"... Wow... I have no words... LOL