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I seriously appreciate an active developer such as yourself, I will try the update soon. Thank you so much for the effort and feedback! If the game progresses past the final development stages, or alpha or beta, not sure which stage you are still functioning on, but I will definitely be funding to the fact of the developer help! Once again, good to see active developers!

Thank you for your reply @Zaphyk. 

I apologize abouth for the late reply, I haven't had any Internet connection for the past 2 weeks.

I'm not currently with my PC at the moment, but I will attatch the log.txt file soon.

My GPU is a MSI GTX 1050 2GB, although still running on the old FX 6300, I know it's a huge bottleneck, but it works for all my other games including GTA V at High settings with a constant 60-80 fps with minimum benchmark fps if 45 which occurs after day long gaming sessions. I'm also using the 2nd latest update on Windows 10.

My game won't launch? It's stuck on the cmd window. I am a big fan of games like these and I'm truely excited to start playing. Any Help would be appreciated! NB I have installed the latest update twice...