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Can we use assets that were given away during the monthly giveaways but have since become paid? Or just the permentantly free assets? 

Hello all,

I recently decided to take the plunge to relearn Unreal Engine with my extra free time. I have previous game development experience in college back in 2016 as a 3D artist, level designer, lighting artist, and producer but haven't brushed up on those skills since graduation. I've already completed the Sequencer and Blueprints GameDev.TV courses, a C++ course on Code Academy, and a couple of courses from Unreal Academy. I'm currently going through the C++ course as well. I am looking to transition back into game development, ideally as a cinematic/narrative designer, and get some projects under my belt. 

My portfolio is and discord is RandomJPG#3885. Let me know if you are interested. 

Interested in joining with you. Discord is RandomJPG#3885

I have a background in 3D modeling, film VFX, and motion graphics. I've completed two 3D game dev capstones (in unity and unreal) back in college. I graduated in 2016 and got discouraged but decided to pursue game dev again when I was furloughed. I'm interested in learning Unreal Engine for cinematic and narrative design, VFX, and lighting. I've completed the blueprints and sequencer course on as well, a couple of courses on Unreal Academy, and the C++ course on Code Academy. I'm currently going through the C++ course as well. Let me know if anyone is interested.