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Yes, that one works great, thanks :) Good game!

Really cool. I love your art.

Looks interesting, but the Mac build won't run for me. I'm on 10.10.5.

Thanks for the suggestion. I looked at Godot ages back, not sure why I passed on it in favour of Unity. I think I had different goals back then. I will definitely have another look at it before the next jam I participate in.

I'm trying out HaxeFlixel. It's a bit daunting because I'm so used to Unity, but hopefully I can get something working with it. I am looking forward to not struggling to get pixel art to look good, as is often the case in Unity.

Well for future reference then, this is the relevant settings dialog and how it must be set for Tilemancer: http://imgur.com/7eBuFQB

I can't say if other versions of OS X are the same, I'm a relative noob.

Great application by the way! I've only done a bit of fiddling with it so far, but I'm looking forward to making a game with it :)

Never mind, I had to change my security settings to allow apps downloaded from anywhere. Not sure why that's suddenly required considering I've run hundreds of Ludum Dare games in the past, but anyway...

Created a new topic Mac OS build "damaged"

When I try to open the Mac OS build it tells me it is damaged and should be moved to the trash. I'm on Mac OS 10.10.5. I've downloaded it twice now with the same result.