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Hyperlink Your Heart

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Actually it seems that arrow keys are already supported for player movement in the jam version. Post-jam version will have a setting to switch between QWERTY and AZERTY keyboard layouts, so you will be able to use ZQSD if you are on an AZERTY keyboard. I'm not sure I can handle anything other than that for now. Though if ESDF opens things up further I will add that as an option.

Will do, sorry about the oversight.

Thanks for playing, I'm working on a post-jam version at the moment!

LOL @ that big sigh at the end :P

I can't seem to unrar the Mac build, it says it is not a rar archive...

Yay! Thanks for giving it another go!

This is a really great concept! However, I think it is too easy to accidentally fall into, or fail to jump out of, the control nodes. I would maybe have them be activated by an additional control key (i.e. proximity + E) for more precise control, as there is already a lot going on. Really good overall though, I like it!

It's totally mouse driven, but you need to click on the particular things that you want to interact with, you can't move around freely. So you click on the kettle to make tea, the freezer to thaw meat, Ed to hang out with him, and Elizabeth to hang out with her. The tea and meat become clickable when they are ready. I had hoped to get some more obvious indicators of what was interactive in, but ran out of time!

Thanks for checking it out anyway!

Thank you very much :)

Ed in the Shed is a short zombie/girlfriend relationship management game based on the [SPOILERS] final scene of "Shaun of the Dead". I put it together over 10 days for Movie Jam, and changed a few names and details to comply with the rules of that jam.

The goal of the game is to keep both your girlfriend and your best friend, zombie Ed, happy by spending time with them and feeding them the things they like (tea for your girlfriend and meat for Ed).

You can play it here (Windows and MacOS): https://randomhuman.itch.io/ed-in-the-shed

Art timelapse:

That background art is really quite stunning. I enjoyed fiddling around in the menus quite a lot even though I kept getting confused. I didn't manage to improve on the original iconic tune, of course! Well done.

Tough to get the hang of but once you get into it it is really cool. I can see this being a really satisfying teamwork experience, but unfortunately I have only been able to play solo so far. It also looks and sounds great, I love the simplicity of the 3D and the colours.

Wow, thanks so much! Great video!

Congratulations on your first game jam entry! Learning and putting something out there is what it's all about, and I hope you stick with it. If I might offer a criticism of the game in its current state it is that the turning is not really sharp enough to feel like you can get where you want to go. Taxi looks cool though!

I'm not really sure how to win this tbh... The Delorean looks cool though - maybe shakes around a bit much.

Cool premise, and the movement mechanic is very unique and interesting.

Fun, but with a few problems, most of which have been covered by other commenters. To those I would add that the play area is a bit of a strange shape - I would maybe not have stuck to the movie so religiously on that, because if you get cornered with your lawnmower stalled you do not have a lot of options, and your health goes down very rapidly. Maybe a non-lethal melee attack or something to keep them at bay would be another way to solve that issue.

Anyway, with a few tweaks and a bit more juice I think this could be quite an addictive game.

Ha ha, really  good and funny! A bit more variety in the success newspaper reports would be welcome, but it is a really cool premise and very addictive!

Thank you very much! It is only supposed to get harder after you win and opt to try again, but the feedback I've had is that the difference in difficulty for the second attempt is not appreciable...

Thank you!

Oh boy, that's intense! I found myself getting stuck on things a bit, jumps are a bit too tight and things like that, but other than that this game is really fun, and superbly atmospheric.

Well that's surprisingly compelling for such simple gameplay! The music and art really give it a lot of drama. My highest score was 13. Well done!

Funny stuff, I love it! I'm amazed that you were able to put together multiple mini games with this level of polish. Multi-monitor snake is hard.

Thanks very much :)

Cool idea! Needs sound though. Busting up a sternum kind of lacks impact when there is no audio feedback. The two cameras were definitely a nice touch though.

So creative to turn the boulder into a character! The way it controls really makes it feel weighty, and I liked the degree of finesse required to hit things. I ended up hitting John by accident though, I think he may actually have run into the back of me!

Looks and sounds great! I like the depth of the aiming reticile in particular - but it is still a bit hard to aim because it is hard to turn in small increments. Flying around feels pretty fluid though.

The enemy hitboxes seemed a little bit too small, but other than that this is a great entry, very innovative, and I love the chunky cubey graphics.

The Star Destroyer feels a bit unthreatening, but this is a fun game nonetheless.

Very atmospheric, due to both the art and the music - it really captures the aesthetic of the movie well, and I sure did like that movie's aesthetic!

I'm not really sure if I was supposed to be getting something specific from the holographic scenes or if they were just for flavour. I liked the look of them and the glitchyness, and the suggestion of activity that they created - the bust in the tunnel was probably the easiest to read.

I had a bit of a problem the first time I played - the lift in the casino didn't trigger, and then I found the switch and that didn't trigger, so I wasn't even sure it was a thing at all. Somebody mentioned a switch in the comments so I figured I had missed something in the casino and tried again, and this time I got the message and was able to finish the game. Just a minor hiccup anyway.

Overall, a really great mood-piece.

Ok, no worries, I can probably borrow a Windows PC for a while to try it out!

This is great, that time mechanic really captures the feeling of bullet-time from the movie!

Thank you so much! It was my first time really using smears in animation, so I'm glad to hear that they worked out ok!

Thank you :)

Any chance of a Mac or web build?

Hmm, seems to be something wrong with it, the zip archive is only 22 bytes in size and won't decompress...

Cool, thanks, I look forward to playing it!

It's unfortunate that there are no consequences to being hit by the enemies, i think this could have been really great if there were, because the driving feels really fast paced and it looks really good.

Ehhh.... I tried it again without making any changes and it worked fine! I got one of the eyes to light up!

MacOS 10.13.2 (High Sierra). It's an Irish keyboard, so it is still QWERTY and all that, but I could switch to a different layout and try again if you think that would help?