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Random Dan Games

A member registered Sep 06, 2019

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At the time of writing this, this as to be the most addictive game you've made. I really love how you put it together, having to collect your arrows after firing is certainly a nice feature! The music and sounds are well balanced, just enough health drops to get by but not to many you're immune. Simple yet well scripted enemies. Once again great pixel art and great gameplay. Another well made game. Nice job.

I feel claustrophobic playing this game which is the point, so nice job on that. I personally gave up after a while as it seemed i was going around in circles, i personally think i just didn't get what i was suppose to be doing, then again that's just me lol. I really like your pixel art, simple yet straight to the point. No FPS loss, no bugs and the atmosphere makes it feel spooky. You've done a great job on this game, you've got great potentional. Keep up the good work.

Haha i love playing this! Simple to play, hard to master. Sadly i didn't get to the end  but will certainly try again at some point. You put together a good game with only two buttons, that's pretty cool! Your graphics fit the games theme perfectly. Well done!