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That sounds weird. As far as I remember, I used the roomscale setup and I didn't have any problems at all. Have you checked if the tracking of the WMR was working in another application?

Works fine with WMR. The idea is great - I didn't expect this to work without getting motion sick! Really like the environmental design.

Thank you, glad you like it! :)  You did a great job despite the difficulty.

Is this an thing? Sorry, I don't get it

What lake are you talking about?

In half a year I wil be a certified Game Designer and want to work professionally and privately on games. It's really motivating to read kind words like yours. Thanks :)

Glad you like it! Thank you :)

Oh, you mean it would force the player to head into oncoming traffic but would not reward him for it?

If the player gets points for it, it would give the game a bit of a strategical aspect. So I do like the idea.

There was a lot more planned for the game once - like actual service stations. They would empty your children's bladders but of course they refill quickly so it would be an endless highscore game.

Since I am busy learning how to use the  Unreal Engine, I don't have much time to work on this game. Since it got such a nice reception however, I'll think about improving it!

The walls are possessed with the spirits of everyone you've killed. They try bring you to a stop.  Perhaps I should nerf the spirits.

Some don't really like that the van is a bit slow to react,  so I'm glad you like the controls! 

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The gameplay was made half a year ago, but as far as I remember I should be able to increase traffic on all right lanes. Do you think that would be a good idea to motivate the player to drive into incoming traffic?

And I'm really glad you like the game! :D

The scoring is actually really harsh. If I continue working on the game it will be the first thing to be changed, I think.

Glad you like the game anyway! :D

Thank you. I'm definitely more of a programmer, than a designer.

Your idea to use a different shader sound like a good idea! Maybe that would give the game more character :)

Glad you like it! :)

Thank you very much for the nice review Cry0! Sometime I prefer crashing intentionally over actually playing the game  :D

Thank you! Good idea, that may be a nice 'incentive' for players to play more risky :)